Wednesday, 22 October 2008

IPO 2008

Ok, its been over a week since the last update. Apologies. I was pretty annoyed after my last update, when i was 1/43 in the GUKPT sat. Ended up going onto the final 4/10, with 3 seats. Then lost in like the 3rd hand AJ vs K10. Flop came K Q 10, happy days. X on turn, but K on river wasn't the best card for my hand, sigh. So i was down to 20k at 1k/2k, still ok i guess. Then UTG shoves, Alex Martin(nickinblinds) on Ipoker calls after a speech in chat that makes me thing he has QQ. Im sat next position with KK and get it in. Flop comes A J 10, and im pretty much dead. gglife.

Since then, i haven't played THAT much tbh. Ive played the odd session here and there. But towards end of last week i was trying to get my sleeping pattern back right for the Ireland trip. I had a few finals last week, finalled the $109 Ipoker twice in 2 nights, but could only manage 6th and 8th, for some tez amount. And then a 2nd in a little $33 on party and 4th in $55 on Ipoker. There isn't any more of note or that i can remember anyway.

So to Ireland....

We wer gettin the 10.50 flight to Dublin, Sledge/Tony was meant to be here for 8.30, but didnt end up getting here til gone 9, and we had the taxi booked originally for 8.45, but put that bak 20 mins so all was good. Got there in plenty of time and we were ready to gogogogogo. We get taxi from the Airport, the taxi driver tries dropping us off at some random hotel because he doesn't know where we are off, then tells us of the exact place and that we shouln't step foot in the local bars or area as its so rough! wtf, lol. [ ] good booking jones

Arrive the hotel at like 12.30 and couldn't check in til 2 so we had dinner and drinks in the hotel bar. Brent lost the flip for paying, gg sir. We eventually arrived at the Regency Hotel, the place where it was being held at around 3. Andy Black was doing some massive talk/workshop about poker which was just so lifetilting and we didn't really listen. Met Maria, Jen etc and then were ready to roll at 4 when the torn started.(pic <<<< Brent and Jones Pre Torn). Was fairly easy early on to get chips, raise, c-bet etc and it was yours. But then 1 hand fked me over pretty hard:

Im earlyish position with 88 and pop to 300, MP next guy peels and the 2 blinds call. Flop 8 7 6( 2 diamonds).
I bet, MP calls and the 2 blinds fold.
Turn Qh, i bet he peels once again.
River 4c. So the Board is now 8 7 6 Q 4.
I decide to check here, he bets, i call. He shows 55, gglife.

And so im down to around 7.5k which is pretty ghey. Soon get a table change which i wasn't too happy about tbh. Didnt really get much going and found a few spots to pick up chips, but was still on around 8.5k at the first break.
Ended up busting at the 300/600 level with 88, also known as the nuttttttttz. LP raises to 1800, i have around 8.2k total in the CO so i jam. SB wakes up with QQ and the OR folds. It bricks out and im gone. Kinda glad to see Sledge is already out as now i won't be stuck bored on my own. Soon after Maria(chilli) busts and we go get the drinks in and talk for a while. Later on Me, Sledge and Rookie decide to go get something to eat. We walked for like a mile which is ridic and came to the takeaway place. But theres a guy pinned down with 3 ppl on top in the doorway! lol.
They say its ok to get something to eat, so we do! Found out he actually came in threatening to kill his girlfriend or something(maybe i didnt understand the Irish accent). So a nice start to our visit to Dublin!

Next Morning(saturday), wake up and find Brent and Jones are well chipped up for day 2. Jones has 187k and Brent has 141k, weeeeeeeeeee. Shib the 5%. Saturday was the day off from the ME, so we went into town for some food, and start to get bevvied up. Rookie and Chilli meet us there a bit later too. Brent did his absolute bollox in Paddy Power which was right next to the bar we were in, not good. Later on after another 5 or so beers, we decide were gna go play the 125 Euro torn at the Fitz. I have to lend Brent the Buy In for it, sighh. Things didnt go too great for me in this torn either. Ran JJ into QQ twice in the first 2 hours, and i was busto. Pretty comedy though as, Rookie, Sledge, Brent, Chilli and Jones were all on the same table and i decided to rail that. Was very comedy and even the dealer was giving Brent some rubdowns for his tez/comedy plays.
Decided to play cash later on, after inspiration from Chilli who went off 2 play Omaha, so me and Sledge got in the next 1/2e holdem game. Started with 200 and ended up with 460, which was pretty decent. Mainly all from 1 guy who tried tank check raising the river with air, so i tanked, and eventually got clock put on me. Ended up calling with Js for 125e on K 10 10 8 3 (4 spade Board). The hand didnt really make sense and he couldn't really have much and tbh i couldn't be arsed to fold.

Next day, were all up fairly early except Brent who arrives at the torn 5 mins b4 the start. He wanted an extra 10 mins in bed or summat, so we got a taxi b4 him. Had high hopes for both them at the start of Day 2. I think they both got pretty chipped up, but both busted between 40th-60th, sighhhhhh. Brent ran AKd into AA, gglife. And Jones' was a combination of hands, after he had got upto 400k. While they were in the torn me and Sledge played the 50 w/1 Sidey. Ended up getting it in with JJ vs 88 for a fairly big pot at 500/1000. 8 9 2 6 2 board wasn't too gr8 again. Sledge had just busted b4 me, losing a big pot with JJ also, this time vs 33.
[ ] we run good.
So were all pretty annoyed and decide to go find the nearest pub for a pint. I say a pint, it ended up being about 8 in quite a small amount of time. LOL. Then went Dominoes down the road and took it back to the Hotel around 11, as we had to be up for 7 for the flight home on Mon Morn.

Brent, Sledge and Me during the few pints:

So just been recovering from the weekend really at start of this week. Not really been doing much. Got the new Pro Evo yest, pretty awesome. Hopefully off to sign up to the gym 2mo or later with Jones and Middy. I wana get fit and be more healthy, which will help with playing online and lead to an all round healthier lifestyle. [ ] this will actually happen.

Ok, off to order Nandos.

Laters, glglglgl..wil update soon.

Thursday, 9 October 2008


So... my last blog was just before the Luton trip where me and Jones were off to play the £300 F/O Apat Pro Am, or w/e its called. Jones was meant to be driving, but went out the night b4 with Ben and Grieves and somehow wangled his way out of it and Maldini agreed to drive. Got there pretty fast, but set off late etc. So got there at 2.25, torn started at 2.30. Perfect timing imo. The torn went ok, nothing much to write home about though. And i busted 28th, shoving the CO with 9To, running into the sicilians AKo. He actually busted all 3 of us. He busted Jones and Maldini with AA, mbsfn. Jones finished 14th, but only top 9 ITM. 8k up top ftw + 3k GUKPT Grand Final seat, sighh. Would do a bigger report on the torn, but there wasn't really much interesting that went on. Got upto like 22k, then lost a few pots, and was in push mode, no1 ever called and i was just surviving really, rather than getting that vital double up i needed.
Did think it was very soft torn though, and will be looking to play a few more like this in future and get a decent score.

Anyways onto the online scene after we get back. Didnt play the sundays, we wernt back from Luton in time. So just watched some stuff online and went to bed pretty late. Monday, woke up early, after about 6 hours, i felt abs knackered again and decided to have a quick power nap for a few hours then wake up at midnight-ish and play all the 12-6ams. [ ] this worked out really well. I ran abs tez throughout the night and got deep and stuff and got fked over. Variance is an abs bitch.
Same again on Tues really, altho cut my losses in a stupid torn, the $55 crazy stack trubo on Party, which i got 3rd in for like $800, so was only like $700 down on the night and didnt feel too bad. I then stayed awake til like 6am, and was going to go to sleep. Then put on some cardrunners videos while i fell to sleep. I ended up watchin 4, and not getting to sleep til gone 10am, fml! They are really interesting though, and love watching them. Woke up like 6pm on Wed and Middy was here, im like wtfs going on. LOL. Anyways we get a takeout Nandos and start a sesh from 8-2.30ams. Started off as usual running really tez, but then things got better and i ended up taking down the $5rebuy on Party for $2.5k! weeeeeeee. Gets me outa the swong of the last couple of days, also got a 4th in the $55 7.5k on Ipoker for $700ish. Later on, played the 2 x $55 2.30ams on Stars and FTP. Ended up still playing them at 7am. Busto'd 48th in the Tilt 50/50 - JJ vs AK for 9/50 or thereabouts. Then with 28 left in the Stars $55, got it in with KK vs 55, to go 3/28, sighhhhhh. 5 on the turn was a gr8 game and i was crippled. Busto'd a few hands later. Would have been nice to run ok in 1 of those with 13k and 9.5k ftw in both. But nvmmmmmmm. Just gotta keep the grind going, and those scores will keep coming.

Party $5rebuy win...

Just putting a small session in tonight, as not feeling too great, feel like that cold or w/e i had last week is coming back, sighh. So just the Party Super $162 and the $109 GUKPT super sat on Ipoker.
Edit: Busto'd the Party Super $162- AhAd vs 73h all in on Kh Qh 10h flop. [ ] could be bothered to fold.
Currently 1/43 in the GUKPT sat - 3 seats, 1 mftime!!!

Probs be putting in some decent volume in the next week, as don't have much planned, except my parents coming up to see me on Saturday sometime. So will be hitting the Sundays fairly hard and all regular donks next week. Then we go to Ireland for the IPO at the end of next week which will be good.

Will update on any news, scores or how good/bad im running soon.

gogogoogoggoo and gl!!

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Been ill....

Not much to say really, except what the title says. Put in a session on Monday after all the dreadful Sundays. Sunday could have been pretty huge, but ran bad in amazing spots and stuff like that, dont need to bore you with all that. Rookie off Blonde ended up taking down the Brawl for a cool $73k, hes staked. but still a sweet ass score. Hopefully, i can run like that for MiddyCrush in the near future! Monday, i must have cashed for over $1.7k and was still around $600 down on the day. Most notable score being 3rd in the $25r 6 max on Ipoker for $1.3k. Actually busto'd LeKnave in 4th in that , him jamming over my KK open with AJh. Flop K Q X(2 hearts), he didn't get there. In your eye sir, lol.

Ever since Mondays session, ive been feeling like death and have been in bed since, constant headache, being sick etc. Was not good, so i haven't done anything pokerwise in 3 days. Today feeling a bit better, but haven't played. I think its probs best not to play online when your not feeling anywhere near 100%. Might play a few torns 2mo night, but im not gna put in a huge session, don't wana be up too late as were off down to Luton on Sat morning.

We'd arranged to go DTD £300 this weekend, but we (me and Jones) think theres prob more value in going to the Luton APAT £300 + theres quite a few ppl we'll know down there. So should be a good weekend, and hope to scoop the l00t for like 10 diiiimes or w/e 1st will scoop.
Playing for MiddyCrush so hope to get another big score.

Will update in a few days after the Luton Trip.

Gogogogogoo win it all ppl.

Saturday, 27 September 2008


Since last blog update, i put in a small sesh on Wednesday but then Middy comes online and is like i cba with online poker you wna play live. I was like, yeah ok. Although was in a few torns, id just busted kinda deep in sumat and was semi tilted so i unreg'd all the rest and decided to go play live at the new Alea Casino in Leeds. Its pretty sweet, for leeds anyway, not something ud imagine there. Ended up busting fairly early just after just after Middy with 77 vs 56h on 5 5 3 flop, where i couldn't really fold at any point. nvmmmmmm. We went and got a maccys and that was it for the night. We wern't too bothered about going back for cash games + i had to be up early on Thurs for my ballin monitor and new desk for my room to arrive. weeeee. They came around half 1, then Middy came over and we went to Nandos for food. I obv lost the fkin flip again and had to fork out a nice bully for the 3 of us. sighhhhhhhhhh. Nandos is so incred tho, id probs pay £50 for just mine anyway. Didn't bother playing when i got back and just sat watching loadsa One Tree Hill episodes for the rest of the night. Finally about caught up with that :-)

Then came Friday, id been planning to put a good sesh in on Friday night and Middy came over because he wanted out of his house due to his cousins birthday he couldn't be arsed with. Anyways, i hit Party under MiddyCrush for the first time and signed upto the $20r/$30r/$55 and the $215 $30k. Eventually after runnin fairly terribly in all the rest of my torns. Except for 1 or 2 with min cashes between $100-$250 i was probs gna be stuck $1.5k on the day or thereabouts, we were doing ok in the $215. I got seated with Middy and Horneris along the way and Me and Horneris both came top 20 meaning we both cashed. Horneris unfortunately busted in 15th. But i was running pretty decent. Winning the few 40-60s and odd 60-40 you need to win a torn. You know the score.... Anyways, i got to final 6 with over half the chips in play and eventually busted most them and got HU with around 650k to the other guys 60k ish stack. I and everyone else here couldn't see how i could lose from like 6 out. This is where i could lose it though. lose a few flips and hes back in it. Which is exactly what happened, gr8 game. He kept grinding away so hard and wasnt stacking off light. I had Horneris and LeKnave here cheering the underdog on for comedy value. But they soon stopped as i may have quit poker if i lost this 1. [ ] that would ever happened. But i felt like i would have and would have been so crushed for a while if i managed to lose it. Eventually took it down though after well over an hour of hard solid HU play. Was vvvvvv happy with the score and i think Middy's fairly happy although he didnt seem too delighted last night, but only cos he busted really deep in a big field torn when 1st was like 16k or something.
The win below, shibbbbbbbbbbbb it.

So yeah very happy with recent results and have now got 8 wins on the MTT Blonde Leaderboard thing, which i kinda wna win + am slowly making a move up the PocketFive Rankings. Hoping to keep this going now and win it alllllllllllllll. Big sesh 2mo i think as its Sunday and Sundays are made for Poker and losing everything or winning it all. 1 time let it be the latter.
Shout out to Horneris for his score last night too, taking down the FTP $109 for just shy of $5k. Not the worst day for MiddyCrush, sennnnnnnnnnnnd. Ty again sir.

Keep up the good work all.

lets gogogogogoogogogogogogogoo

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Being lazy and Blonde Bash

Soooooooo, after my win other last week in the 50/50 i lost all enthusiasm to play. Not really sure why. I cudnt be bothered playing tues and wed and only played 2 small sessions on Thurs/Fri breaking around even over both days so not too much damage to the MiDdyCruSh roll.
Then it was onto Blonde Bash.......

Sat morn me, LeKnave and Maldini were off to Luton for Blonde Bash. Ty(maldini) was desperate to play the footy so we had 2 set off at 8am, to be at the footy place in luton for 11. This wasnt the greatest idea, as altho the footy was a laugh, there was only like 3 teams and we won it fairly comfortably tbh. Newayyyyyyyys, onto the Poker. The main £30 donkament started at 3 and i got seated with Fran. We both got involved in the £20 last longer and we agreed to chop any money we got from it 50/50. She busto'd fairly early, gr8 game. [ ] good business sir. Got upto like 13k b4 first break after the add on. Then got upto like 35k when sum1 opened for 2k, sum1 jammed, and i re jammed with KK. One had AK, other QQ, K on flop and it was gr8 game to them 2. weeeeeeeeeeee. Then didnt really get much going, got moved to table with Maldini and Brummieboy and wasnt in the greatest position tbh. Got back to like 45kish, and then there was like 20 left. Ended up busting in 13th when i lost KQ vs 99, then 66 vs KQ, fairly soon after each other. We HAD already chopped the last longer though, 4 way. For £130 each, so me and Fran got £65 each [ ] weeeeeeeeeeee. lol.
Had been feeling absolutely terrible for about 2 hours b4 i busted tho, and went back to the hotel pretty soon after busting as i felt like shit and just wanted 2 curl up and die or just go 2 sleep.
Jones ended up busting in 4th, sighhh, and Maldini bubbled the final in 10th, gg. Not bad, all 3 of us going pretty deep to say we didnt really give a shit about the actual torn.

Sunday was a quality day. We went for a meal, and randomly picked Gatso up on the way. Went to some irish pub, and got a sunday dinner. Gatso lost the flip for paying. So we picked him up and grimmed the shit outa him for a meal. gr8 game sir. Then we headed back to the casino for the HU torn and Roshambo and other stuff going on. We got given Compo in our team and he pretty much spite busto'd like 3rd hand vs Dunks top set. I got a tough HU vs the fish that is ' Amatay'. Good to meet you sir. He was crushing the HU fairly early on, but i ground it back and then won the vital flip 55 vs KJ. Our team had already lost tho, as Maldini bluffed his stack off vs Mondatoo and Jones got crushed by 'the mole', who apparently plays $300/$600 online. gg.

Then to the best part of the wknd. Me, Dunk, Jones and Maldini were like, u wna do some flips yo? So we all got involved. Just betting like £2-3 and doing like 4way flips. Then Bongo got involved and soon after there was a whole table and a massive rail. Pretty quality. Theres only like £20 in a pot, but it was so comedy, as you could slowroll the fk outa ppl. Or not even know u hav the abs nuts, as we wer playin 8 card omaha and other times rookie jsut gave cards to ppl. Some hands you may hav 18 cards, the next he might give u 4, while every1 else has like 10! (used 2 decks btw). For 5 of a kind, str8 flush and scooping the whole pot in omaha hi-lo you ahd 2 get a round in and it was fkin srs comedy when firstly Malidni started cheering about his str8 flush, and then Ironside cheering as loud as possible when they scooped the loot. Their faces when they realised they had to get like 15 ppl a round in was so top draw. I went on a massive upswing, turning my initial £1 into like £80. I then ran bad late on , and eventually was back down to like £10, which i flipped with Dunk and obv lost. sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Everyone got involved in a £10 flip for like £100 at the end which Maldini obviously won, cos hes gooooooooolden. Doesn't seem like a lot, but cos its an amount no1 really gives a shiny about its so comedy and its amazin when u win even tho its only like £20! Will undoubtably be playing this at all BB's in the future, weeeeeeeeee.

Neway, since been back from Luton i haven't played any MTT's as i was too tired on Monday, and i cudnt be arsed with all the daily torns today. Need to get back into waking up around 4pm and hittin all torns from like 6 onwards etc. Atm, not in that sleep pattern and its pretty ghey. Gota be around all day on Thurs too, as iv ordered a new desk for my room and a ballin new monitor. As seen below. Link for webiste is here:

So pretty happy with what will be my new setup in my room and won't have Horneris smiling at me and cheering in my face whenever i take a ridic beat. Which is what has been happening lately as ive had to grind on living room table since we moved in. Hopefully be hitting some MTTs this week, during the day i guess. As got parents coming over on Saturday at a normal time, aswell as having to be up in day Thurs to collect Desk and monitor, so wont be able 2 hit the full on degen online schedule (6-2ams) til Sunday onwards. Then we are gna gogogoogogogogo and win it alllllllllll.

Will update sooooon, gl all. Win it all yo.


Tuesday, 16 September 2008

MiddyCrush Inc.

Okokok. Apologies first for no post in well over a month. Not really sure why i stopped doing them. I did loads when i was at home in Grimsby, but thats cos it was such a bore there i think.
Here theres Horneris and Jones, and here all i do is grind really. Just get up and hit the grind straight away. Then have no time for writing a blog, but im gna make time for a blog from now on. Its only fair.

Sooooooo, whats been going on. Ive been grinding hard and like Horneris been getting staked by Middy. I ran pretty bad off my own $$ hitting the Ipoker and Party and was at the stage i couldn't handle the variance playing off my own $$ cos i could easily go broke. So Middy was up for it.
It started off ok, then we went on a really bad spell. Really bad. Started off with Middy just shibbin me the odd BI for certain torns. Then we were like 2.5k in from nowhere. And obviously he wants to get out. So he shibbed me like 2.5k to grind. Play $26s, $20rs and $55s and $75s. I did this and we ran tez yet again. So -6k in MU and its not looking gr8 and middy is probs starting to lose confidence in me. He shibs me 3k one Sunday and says win summat plz, 1 mftime. I play from 9 onwards on the Sunday and finallllllllllllllly, we get a 7.9k score in the $50 cubed on Stars coming 2nd. Lost to JCamby HU. sighhhhhhhh. But fkin senddd. were outa Makeup.
So we keep 5k on and i hit it hard, i have eventually got some scores. Ones of note 4k in $30r on Ipoker coming 2nd yet again. Few FT's of the $109 12.5k on there, a few FT's on for 1k+.

Last night i play from 7 til 11 reg's and am abs fuming after get huge stack in Blonde 12.5k $109, then losing KK vs AK on the FT for huge pot, then AK into AA. So i decide to knuckle down and hit another sesh from 2.30 onwards. reg'ing from 2.30 - 4. About 12 more torns.
The 50/50 on FTP and the 4am $109 on Stars are looking good. I run bad when 18/60ish in the Stars $109 running AK into AA yet again and am abs raging. Got jsut the 50/50 left and QQ<<<<<<>>>99 helped. And button jammin K9, me in BB with A10c was also gooood. FT was 1/9 , took a few hit, then got back and finally HU i flop a set of 22 vs hit top pair.

Moody did a youtube video of some of the HU too, link is here:

But neway took it down for 9.5k, wiiiiiiiiiii. Yeah i no, sing when ur winning blah blah blah. But srsly gna try blog more often and post hands and how iv done over recent days etc. Plus i promise sledege with 6-7 left that if i won id do blog 2day, so here it is. Also promised Moody id buy him a nandos if we go next time, sighhhhhhh. But worth it imo. Good karma yo.

Big Ty for Middy for sticking with it all way through, even when deep in MU. Knew we'd get out. We've bagged a few dime each and are now ready to carry on crushing for the next few weeks with like $10k. Lets gogogogoogogogogogogogoo

[ ] ty for all your support of late Horneris
[ ] been a gr8 help
[X] he feels like we are enemies

Looking forward to Blonde Bash this wknd, going down with LeKnave and Ty(maldini). Meeting Fran down there and that, should be a good laugh and hopefully be back in good shape to hit the sundays.

Lets gogogoogogogogoogogogogoogogogogoo

Thursday, 31 July 2008

Not much going on and the new flat, wiiiiiiiiiiiii.

Yep, title says it all. Not much going on, played a bit. Not really done anything spectacular though. Last couple of days, i havent really played as been sorting stuff for new flat and parents are away so had to look after the house and stuff. End of last week FT'd $20r on FTP, which was like 4k ftw, but finished a tez 8th for tez amount. Cant really remember much else that jumps to mind. Middy staked me to a few torns on Sunday, like the WU and Brawl. He often just says, u wna play this for me etc' so i do. Brawl i got it in with AA vs QQ to go like 13/500 or w/e. It came A J 2 K 10, so gfg FTP, ty. Warm up went tez, 10s vs QQ, then FD/SD vs top 2, i didnt get there etc. Can't really remember much else towards end of last week, had a few prospects in a load of torns, but obviously ran bad and stuff so nvm. Should have posted back then but i cudnt be bothered really. nvvvvvvvvvvvvvvm.

On better news, its like 4.30 am here and i went to bed at 2am. I slept for 2 hours! sigh. But were moving into new flat later 2dayyyyyy. Wiiiiiiiiiii, me Horneris and LeKnave, its gna be crucial. Moving in around 5ish, then off somewhere to get loadsa ballin purchases like a 42'' tv and PS3 and shit. Should be good. Then Saturday, were all making the trip to DTD £300 torn. Me, LeKnave and Horneris are meeting Middy (hitthehole) and Brunny(claretcougar) down there and have 2 rooms booked, 4 bed, 5 of us. So sick. So were gna do Credit Card Roulette for who has 2 sleep on the floor., Brudel scenes 1 time not meeeeeee. I run so bad at that kinda shit tho, its 80% gna be me. Taking laptops down, so when i bust we'l prob bomb back to the hotel and hit online donkaments Shaun Fucking Deeb styyyyyle. Hopefully wont have to, and make day 2, then go on to win the fker, 1 time. If not, we'll be back at home grinding away from Monday onwasrds imo (if we have sorted internet by then).

Will update after the wknd, when we are back online. Not sure when it'l be but pretty soon.

Lets gogogogogogogogogogogogo and gl all etc.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Shiiiiiiiiiib it.

Nope, still no win. But have shibbed in the monies in the past 2 days. After my blog post yesterday, i played a sesh 10-2ish and got 4th in the $16.50 360 ball on Stars for like $500, 1st like $135o, sooo sigh. But stil ok. Then came 4th also in the $55 7.5k on Ipoker. Also for like $5ooish. So cashed for over $1k on the day, and invested like $400 or over. So a good $600 profit on the day, which was nice. And could have been so much better. But il take it.

Then today, played a sesh from 2.15 til 7 reg'ing. Got 4th in the $22 Double stack for like $200, only like $700 ftw, but nvm. I crush that torn so hard, Sledge is always saying it. Only really decent if you win it though. Which iv only managed once so far a few weeks go. Had a load of top 10s in it though, sigghh. Also ended up going to final of the $22 5k Party 5/10. Got HU, me 200k vs his 550k, which was ghey but was patient and ground him out hard. Then i got CL. Me 500k to his 250k. Then he ground me back down then when around even i lost a massive flip KQ vs 88. gglife. 2nd for $815. 1st again like $1350. sighhhhhhhhh. But again cashed for over $1k on the day and things are looking good. A good past few days, lets hope it continuessss and i finally get that win again after so many nearlys.

Just a quick update, im outt. glglgl all.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Crushing it like we know how.

.....On Ipoker anyway.

Well put in a brudel session yesterday, started at like 2 and reg'd for most stuff til like 7. Then continued to play on thru the 10-12 reging. Including the 35k and 65k that Middy put me and Horneris into. More on that later. Finally finished my sesh at like 4.30. So 14 hours was actually an ok sesh.

Yesterday i placed 7th, 7th, 11th, 12, 18th and 21st in torns in Ipoker. The most crushing exit was in the $25r 10k. With 7 left i got it in with QQ vs A5, Bing A str8 off and i was out in 7th for like $500. But 1st was like $4k, and was pretty crushed and really wanted to win that torn. So fkin sick. 1st time i had played this though. LeKnave always plays this and seems to crush it, and from living with him for last year or so, i have learnt from his i guess about how terrible the Ipoker players are. So i took a small shot in this and gt in for $100, which is ok. The other ones were in the 6ks and 3.5ks on there, like $22-$33 F/os etc and i bubbled the $55 7.5k. Horneris finalled this along with JimmyfkinEck, Eck off blonde. wp. So this is just a post to say i crushed Ipoker yest, but made fkall money, but was + for the day. Not much, but i really want that win again to get back to winning ways and that winning feeling.

Later on Middy put me and Horner in the 35 and 65ks. We put up a good performace and i was crushing both torns, getting massive stacks in both. I then fked up bigtime in the 35k making a play with J10 on QQ2 flop. He r/r me on flop, i flatted to shove turn ( Middys advice too, although i felt it too, bit gheyyyyy) Turn K, good card for shovin anyways imho. I shove he snaps with Q6o, gg life and i dont get there. Nvmmmmmmmmmmm. Then the 65k, i came just off the $$ in like 68th. Check raising all in on 8 8 K flop with 99, he snaps KJ gfg imo. Nvmmmmm. I didnt actually mean to check the flop, i timed out and it auto checked me, then the other guy bet, and i think i just have to shove here most the time.
Nothing really else happened yesterday to write about i dont think. just gheyyyyy that i keep crushing it and dnt get what i deserve. Same goes for Horneris, weve crushed in last few days, but no big wins. He got 2nd in the 2.5k on Party for $600, but its the wins we want. Thats why we play this game.

Other news, finally got new IPhone other day, its abs ballin.

Still looking forward to moving to new flat, just over a week now. Hopefully 1st Aug is still moving in day, then the trip down to Notts on 2nd/3rd for DTD £300er. Should be a great weekend and hopefully one of us lot can shib the monies in 1 timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Putting in a session tonight, probs from like 10 onwards. So lets dooooooo this.

Lets gogogogogogogo, gl all, update soooooooooooooooooon.

Sunday, 20 July 2008


Hadn't decided whether i was gna play any Sunday donks. But got up and was raring to go. So decided i was going to play loadsa Sats to shit and hopefully qual to some biggies. 1 timmmmmmme. Cost me like £120 total and qual'd for:

  • $215 IPoker 250k via $20r 30 Seat Gtd, in for $62.
  • £110 DTD £40k via £13 sat, 4 seats.
  • $215 Party $300k $23 Sat 8 seats.

But had played a quite a few more sats. Played 2 x $39 6 max Sats to WU and Mill, got HU in both and ran like death. gg Mill/WU. Then in a $10r to WU 22 seats, i came 27th,gg. Just wasn't destined to qual for Stars biggies imo. So i ended up being in them all for like £160-£200. Not really sure but nvm.

Anyways, started well on Party building up big stack from the off. Ak vs QQ, KK vs QQ etc. Then with 129 left this hand occured.

Im Mid position with 69k and have 88. I make it 7900 at 1.5/3k.

Next guy insta flat calls me off his 75kish stack. Everyone else folds.

Flop [ Th, Ah, 8s ]

Im like this is gna be an ok pot.

ChipRich20 bets (11200)

Dardan0s raises (31155) to 31155

ChipRich20 raises (50316) to 61516ChipRich20 is all-In.

Dardan0s calls (30361)

He shows Ad10d. 1 tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime.

** Dealing Turn ** : [ Ac ] ---- R U SRS, WTF IS THT

** Dealing River ** : [ 6h ]

FKIN BULLSHIT PARTY i think, and am so fuming. Why can't i win that, i go like 5/130 in a biggie. But of course, i run like death, gfg. Cashed for $450, but wtf is that when you lose that hand.

Really fuming and pissed off now, but have gota concentrate on my other donks. Am still in the £40k and $250k. End up busting in the £40k in 97th running QQ into AA for big pot, gglife.

Still going in the Ipoker $250k though and bout 90 left, dont have many chips and am in autopush mode. Anyways, i get back upto like 12k and push mid position with AQ, get called in BB by Ad10s, im like one fucking time plz. Flop 10d Xd Xd, i completely give up and am abs crushed. He makes flush on river to make sure and im out of another biggie kinda deep to the tune of $425, fk my entire life. Am so crushed now, after crushing 3 biggies and getting it in massive fave for big/huge stacks in 2/3. But obviously i dont want a shot at winning a massive amount of monies.

Later on Middy staked me and Horneris to the FTP 1 Mill gtd, $535 Buyin. Ty Middy.

Ran bad in this too, blinds 25/50 and i hav like 5.5k, Sb like 4.4. Everyone folds round to him, he makes it 175, i make 595, he shoves. Now at this point im pretty sure he has sumat like AK, so i call obv. He flips AK. 1 time for the flip.

Flop 2 5 Q

Turn 7

River... A. Fk my life and im down to 1.3k.

Few hands later, i get it in 88 vs AK, flop T J Q, gg.

Sorry about the massive rant, im just really annoyed right now. And wish i could just run good 1 time, in them spots. FFFFFFFFFS.

Anyways im + for the day which is always good, but coulda been so much more. Duno if il play 2mo, might just play a load of small donks as im running like death again it seems.

gl ppl, run good and not like me. gogogoogogogogogogooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Thursday, 17 July 2008


Sorry, havent updated for a week or so. Had a small break and didnt play for 3-4 days. Got back playing on Wednesday night and played everything i could from like 4.30 til 7. Then put in another small session later on. Im just really annoyed at the moment, Wed night i had some decent shots at decent $$ and failed. Came 2nd in torn on Ipoker, like 1k+ ftw. But i had 200k HU and he had 35kish. I lost 3 flip 88 vs k10, A9 vs 33 then A9 vs 67s on 9 8 6 flop. So a big sighhhhhh there. Also had finishes of 6th,10th,11th and 13th in other torns. So disappointed at end of night as it could have been epic. In the end i ended like £150 up, shib it fkin holla. Oh no, dont. Even though had a + day, was still gutted etc.
So to Thurs, woke up bout 10.30am, and played from 12 -7 reg'ing. Wasnt that many torns and were decently spread out. Anyways to cut a long story short, i ran like piece of crap. In like my last 7 torns of the day, i busted out of 6 of them with JJ, running into QQ KK or AA. I was like wtffffff. Was so fuming. So had like a -£300ish day there. Which is not good for the roll, and if it continue like that, b4 long il be broke and fked again.
Middy put me into some torns on FTP other night, some $75s and $50 1 r/a. Only notable finishes were 14th in the $75 Big Double A for like $138 and 29th in $50 1 r/a. Had to shib him all teh monies though as i was stuck into into him for a few hundred.
Going to hit the 4.15's onwards later on Ipoker/DTD(if that decides to work today)/Party. Plzzzzzzzzzz lemme run good 1 time, not like a piece of shit again.

Other news:
Still boring as fk here in Grimsby, and was on big life tilt yesterday after busting outa everything. I then get my mum saying 'did you win' 'oooo, your not very good are you'
At this point i wanted 2 smash my head as hard as i could against the nearest wall.
Jones took down the Party $25r yest, shib it holllllla, so some good news outa yesterday. And hope he shibs it tonight which will = DTD£300er for me and Horneris hopefully. 1 timeeeeeeeeeeee.
Middy aka hitthehole aka hatthefkinhole aka Tom Middleton took down the FTP 1k for a cooooooooooool 97 diiiiiiiiiiiiimes on Mon night, such a sick score. VWP m8.
New flat only 2 weeks or so away, cant wait to get moved back. Hopefully i still have some $$ and i dont have to get a loljob.

Will update soooooon, gl all. gogogogogoo.

Monday, 7 July 2008

Live Poker is NOT what its about..

So got the train down to Nottingham to meet LeKnave at the hotel. Went fine, thought i was guna miss my change over train at Lincoln but all went well. We actually both arrived at hotel within like 5 mins, so that was ok. Got to the room, and basically laid there for over an hour doing abs nothing. This was fun. lol. Then decided to get ready and went down to the bar for some food and drink. Saw Rookie in the reception area, and he sumhow got a taxi b4 us, even though we booked it wel before him, fk our lives.
So then to DTD, went to Reg and stuff, and i saw Thomas Middleton reg'd for it. I was like, comedyy,hatthefkinhooooole is here. lol. Then we went and sat with all the Blondites, Kev, Kin etc who were doin updates. And there we see Middy over playing omaha 1/2 cash, loololl. Hes lost like 3 BI's already so on ridic tilt before the torn has even started. Comedy. Torn kicked off, and i didnt really have anyone noteable on my table, just a few douches that played every single hand, and especially 1 douche that played around 80% of hands, but had like 25k+ really early. I was eyeing them up, and ready to get in huge pot with him to take his chips. This didnt happen, as i got moved tables!! Im like ffffffffs, so fuming. On first table, QQ was my only hand and won about 500. Other noteable hands were A3, on A 3 5 board, the guy had A5, so i did well to only lose a small amount. I guess i cudve lost a lot more. Maybe i should be losing a lot more there, not really sure. Then had AJ on J high board, the guy valuetowned me a bit, but not too much. There was no raise pre so i couldn't really put the guy on QQ. Only lost around 1kish anyways. I got moved 2 to the right of Fran, and 2 and 3 to left of Matt Tyler and Des Jonas. I go abs carddead for around 2 levels! Thats like an hour and half, and cant even finds any spots at all.

So im down to like 5k from original 10k starting stack. Which is still ok, as blinds were only 100/200 and jsut need a few spots and im back to average or w/e. Anyways, i get like 6-7 limpers around to me in the SB and i find 10s, im like sennnnnd. So i just shove for 4900. Everyone folds around to the guy that has limped for 200 of his 3700 stack. He calls all in for the rest of his chips with A8s, wp sir. A straight out and i dont re-get there. Des Jonas also claims he wouldve called me with Q10, which also got there....his reasoning' u havent played any hands'. O rly, well, well done for wanting to call me with Q10 high then all in for 25% of ur stack. U MUST have me beat. I mean like WTF reasoning is that and how an earth does it make sense. That tilted me pretty hard. So anyways i was down to 1200 at this point, and it folded round to me in the cut-off, obv im shoving any 2 cards while i still have some Fold eq. I have 45d anyways, pretty happy if called or not tbh. Anyways, everyone folds. Next hand i do it again this time with 67o, and get it through. Im upto around 1900 now, send. Fold a few hands and im UTG+1 and i hav A4o, obv i get it in and called by Des Jonas on the Button. He has the monster K10, wp sir. I hold and now back upto 3850ish. Utg next hand and get AJo at 150/300, gota get it in here imo so i do. UTG+1 thinks for a while then folds, then Fran insta moves in over the top, im like thats just great. Everyone else folds, she only has 7s though and im happy for a flip to get back to 8400ish. Flop comes J 8 X, pretty happy. Turn 10, still ok. River 9, FK MY LIFE. lol. She was apologising and stuff, but she had best hand, GG Fran. Was just brudel the way it came but nvm. Went straight to the bar to start necking pints. Shibb it.

So i was left to rail everyone else. At 300/600 Jones (LeKnave) got it in for 80kish pot with AK vs KK, Flop X X X, Turn A, sennnnnnd. River..........K. So fkin brudel. Why did it have to let him get there at all for it to do that. Pretty sick stuff. Fran ended up coming 10th/11th i think. And middy came 4th, wp mate. Shame you didnt run good at end, but shibb it anyways.

Overall it was a good weekend and i kinda enjoyed it. But Live Poker is so terrible and as ive said b4 i used to really enjoy it, but now i just despise it and hate all the douches and their reasonings for anything, tilts me so fkin hard. Glad i had my Ipod with me anyways. Was pretty happy when moved to Frans table as could talk to someone that wasnt an abs douche.

Anyways, so it'l be back to the online grind. Cant really get motivated for it though, was going to play Sun night and today, but i really cant be botherd. Not really sure why. But hopefully il kick back into the swing of it 2mo.

Wil update in the next couple of days, gg, gl all.

Friday, 4 July 2008


Been putting in some pretty big sessions since being in Grimsby. Im not running too good though. Keep running into monsters or just generally running bad when it really matters. Varince sucks! Yesterday i made 3 FT's, i made no $$ though. I played a sesh from 2-6ish then again 7-12. Finalled the 4k on Party, came 4th. Finalled of the $27.50 Double Stack on Ipoker, 4th again AJ vs 10s for CL and twice 2nd. fk my life. Then 10th in $22 5k on Ipoker. Interesting hand that busted me:

I have 39k in BB
Mid pos limps for 4k off his 38k stack.
SB completes, has 60kish total.
I have A9, and theres 12k out there, and i hav 35k after this hand. I shove obv. Limpers fold. Back to SB, he calls! im like wtf. He flips A4s. Flop 9 6 2 (2 spades) i gave up after this Spade straight out on turn. Was pretty annoyed as it was like 1.4k ftw and i had been 1/60, 1/40,1/25 all the way thru the torn, then on final i was 3/10. But nvm thats how it goes and i no il run good in them spots again soon.

On better news, abs sennnnnnnnd it to LeKnave, he won the $50r on Ipoker last nite for just short of $13k. Crucial result, wp. As a result of that score and me winning him $3.5k fr the MSOP thing, he has decided to put me into the DTD £300er! sennnnnd.
We were talking about it earlier and Rick(theclaimer) was trying to get me to go anyways. Obv i dnt hav the roll for the whole buyin but they were talking of staking. But nothing materialised and we left it at that. Then when he took it down, he was like u up for it? i was like course i am. lol. So ty LeKnave, lets fkin gogoogoogogo.
So will be getting the train down to Notts on Sat sometime, still need to book a ticket and stuff for it. But looking forward to it, should be good and hopefully run good 1 timeeeeeeee. If not, il just get smashed at the bar with with everyone. Should be a quality weekend.

So i probs wont be playing much tonight, and wont be back from Notts til Sunday sometime.
Gl all, let me run good at DTD 1 timeeeeeeeee.


Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Moved out + 1st 6 months of 08

So.....finally moved out of our tez flat in Headingley. Didnt really do much cleaning of the place til Sunday when we actually moved out. Did a good job of it though i think. Was suppossed to be doing a load on Sat night, but me and Jones decided to play a load of loldonkaments instead. I did pretty terrible in them all, but Jones took down the 7.5k $55 for like $2k or something which was ok. I 3 tabled cash whilst playing my donks, only 50c/$1 for like 2 hours, but made around $550. Shib it. So had a niceish day. Didnt play Sun night, as was pretty tired from all the moving, just caught up with the parents and stuff really.
Yesterday i played like 2-5 reg'ing, then played again like 10-12. Had tea inbetween and watched the tennis. What a match, that was fkin incredible. Really hope he beats Nadal, will be incred if so. But i dnt think hes got what it takes really.
I did pretty terrible all yest, but then ended up taking down a donkament. Only for lke $350 though, it was only the $6 1k on Ipoker. But made me hav a break even day so thats all good + its another win for the MTT Challenge.

Juneeeeeeee was a sick month really. Winning 6 MTTs is pretty decent whatever the stakes. Lets hope i can continue it, but its July now and im DEFO gna run bad! oh noeeeees:-(
Going to play same schedule as yesterday, again today. Just started all the 2 o clock starts. lets gogogogo.

Thought i should post my Profit/Loss for 6 months of online so here goes:

Jan-June: £5992.52

That isnt too bad imo, as ive been pretty busto for the most part of this year. But its mainly down to that 3rd place in the MSOP for $7k (split with LeKnave) giving me the shot to win some monies in June and onwards. For June i was + £1615.46. Feb, March and April were all pretty terrible months and i hardly played at all as i was busto. But i was still in profit, only small amounts like £200. 1 Month i was down like £
Hoping to keep it going though, and keep playing the donkaments that are winnable and grind wins.
Going to see how this week goes playing online, and towards the end of the week, as im in Grimsby and parents are going on at me. I might get a shitty job doing sumat for 3-4 weeks until i move back to Leeds. The $$ would help and would pay for some ballin shit when we move in and a few bills and first months rent etc. So will have to see how i go.

Not going to set any goals or anything like that for the last 6 months of this year. I just wna shib it crucially...1timeeeeeeeeeee.

lets gogogogogo, gl all.

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Life is guuuuuud..

Wiiiii, so my sesh from 12-5 went pretty good. I ended up unreg from the 4 o clock and onwards ones though as i took down the $26 2k on FTP for $1.5k. Shibbbbbb it. So pretty glad i didnt do anything in the house yest and decide to put a session in. The torn was pretty ridic, with like 40 left i kept getting it in good for ridic chips and losing, but my stack was ok at them times and was still able to keep going. I eventually found some ok spots, with like 18 left and on the final i was 1/9 with 210k and 2nd had 125k. I knew i had a great shot if i just stay patient and not get to eager and just play my game picking my spots. It worked and finally got HU, HU lasted all of 1 hand!
Been trying to find the HH for it on my computer, but i cant find it,lol.
Anyways, basically:
He limped button for 6k. Im BB with 44, i check it to try hit a set and win a big pot. Flop came like 2 4 8, i check raise him. He flats it. turn 6, i bet out like 55k, he flats. River 10. There is 3 spades on board, i had a feeling there was a chance he had a flush tbh as if he did he would probs flat the turn and wait for me 2 shell on the River. But i bet 85k off my 250ish stack anyways. He timebanks it then moves in. Im like fk my life. I eventually did make a bit of a crying call though and he had 68. Fkin shib itttttttttttttttttt. I will post the actual HH once i find it.
Was very happy with finally get a decentish score on FTP as all the other had been like $300 and only like $5-$10 buy ins. But shib it

DEFO no Poker for me today until ive done everything in the flat, cleaned the whole place up and sorted everything that needs doing ready for parents picking me up 2mo and moving back to the fantastic place that is....Grimsby. Should be fun. Dunk from Blonde has just suggested going to this pub poker rebuy thing and a few pints so will probs do that once or twice to keep me sane until August when i move back to Leeds into the new ballin place with Horneris and LeKnave, cant wait.
Looking forward to the EURO 2008 final, me and my mate have got Germany and Spain in our sweepstake. So hoping to win a bit there.
Also just seen that Pab from BlondePoker is deep in the 5k 6 max torn along with Sam Trickett, who we met at last Blonde Bash. Hes a DTD Nottingham grinder and has had some scores up there. 1 time for the Double final, and would be great to watch on the live online. glgglgl gogogo.

Will updates in a few days from Grimsby, lattttttters.

Friday, 27 June 2008

DTD Trip Last Night..

So, I was reg'd for loadsa stuff yesterday from like 11-7. We then find out Trigg and few other are going down to DTD tonight. Then Fran gets onto Jones on Msn and tells him to get his arse down there 2nite. So we both decide lets fkin gogogogo as it will be comedy seeing Fran, Maria(chilli) and Trigg again. We unreg from the rest of our torns. Im going well in 2 or 3 that im already playing tho, but end up coming 5th, 10th and 12th, fk my life. So then we get ready for the road trip down there. Traffic was ridic bad and took us fkin ages. Got there just after 7 anyways. Got there to see Trigg already pretty hammered and joins the cash game before the torn starts. Fran and Chilli at the bar(no shock there) and Tighty. Tighty gets us a pint, shiiiiiiib. Talk with them about loadsa random stuff and then the torn starts. I dnt do anything in the torn for about half an hour then:

UTG limps, Fairly Aggressive kid pops it to 450 at 50/100, i looked down at AKo and r/r to 1525 off my 4100ish stack. UTG and kid insta fold, and i take it down.

Next serious hand i play was my bust hand:

Blinds 75/150, Mid position makes it 450, then very aggressive guy, play any 2 cards re pops to 1450 on the button. Im in the SB and get JJ, shiib. Feeling this is a pretty good spot to get it in. I think for a while, then shove my chips in, i hav around 4600ish total. BB insta says something like ' ill have to have a look now'. I knew at this point, this wasn't a good sign. As he was one of those guys that looks at his cards straight away and had been all the way through. Anyways he thinks for about 10 seconds before declaring 'all in'. Im like fk my entire life, why does he have to find it there. I find myself a perfect spot, and he somehow finds it. Other 2 guys folded. The button guy did show 88 but couldn't call obviously. He would have probs called me though as he was terrible but had a lot of chips.
Flop comes X X A. Im like gglife.

So that was just really unlucky, and if he doesnt find AA there, im upto either 7k without showing a hand, or upto around 10.5k if the 88 Button guy calls me. But nvm, thats how it goes sometimes. I then went to watch the rest of the footy, and just as the final whistle goes i see Jones stand up. Hes out, he got it in with JJ vs A10 and A peeled on the flop. We got an amazing DTD Deluxe Burger and then decided to make the trek back home after saying our goodbyes to the gang. Not sure how Trigg did, he had a few chips when we left. Probs spewed them all though as he was smashed.

Was going to be sorting my room and cleaning the flat today and 2mo, but i really cant be arsed and just guna put in a sesh online. Reg'd from 12-5 atm and might play later. Will see how i get on. 2mo, i will have to just sort the place out, cant wait..not.

Update sooon, lattttttters, gl.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

MTT win, wiiiiiiiiii.

wiiiiiiiiiiii, took one down on Blonde. The $22 Double Stack. $669 ftmfw. Shib it.
Started out today with the intention of playing loads of 180s, but i reg'd for some and they were taking forever to fill up, so i thought fk it and reg'd for loadsa MTTs. Pretty glad i did now. Must have cashed for over $1k today so its all good.

Played a load of torns on Ipoker, FTP and odd few on Stars and Party. The few 180s and other stars torn went abs terrible. But was doing pretty good in a few Ipoker torns. Ended up getting it in for a big pot in one with 20 left with 7s vs 3s, flop came 10 3 3, which was a pretty bad flop for me. Then another one, i came 13th ran AQ into AK and AJ into KK. So i ran pretty bad there and wasnt too delighted. Was still in this one that i won though. Started to get a stack from like 35 out, and then just built from there. Didnt really do much on the FT, just maintained my stack till 3-4 left. Then started to play more agg, and doubled up with JJ vs K7 for big pot. Then won HU after shoving on X X 10 Q board with AQ, he called with AK and i held, shibbbbbb. Pretty happy iv finally taken one down on there after so many nearly in the last week or so. Got a 2nd in an $11 KO on FTP also today, was only like $350 ftw, but wudnt hav minded taking it down. Got it in HU with AQ vs K8, 8 on river for him though. Then i ran A9 into AK and it was over.

The win below:

Its amazing how bad most of the players are in Ipoker, im going to continue to grind the MTTs hard and search for some more wins. Going to cut down torns on Stars and FTP etc and try shib it on here. Will only be playing 2mo though for a few days, as gota start packing stuff in the flat and then clean the place up ready to move out. Not looking forward to that but its gota be done. If alls done by Saturday, il prob put in a sesh, but will see how things go.

lets gogogogogo, gl all.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008


Hope the new backgrounds coooool, enjoy.

After my sesh on Fri night, i decided on Sat/Sun i was going to grind some 180s. Couldn't be bothered with having a crappy Sunday playing donkaments. So i played loads of 180s between 12-7 on Sat Night/Sun morning. Reg'd for them til 4 and was 8-9 tabling at most at anytime. Didnt wna be playing too many. Anyways, started off pretty terrible as every session does. But in the end i managed to make a decentish profit. Getting a 1st/2nd and a few more odd FT's and ITM's. I seem to do really well getting to last 30 or so. Then get it in for hugee pots and lose. But obviously can't run good at all those 60/40s or 70/30s. But just gota take advantage when i win the huge pots, and go onto win the damm things. This night i finished around $320 to the good.
Saturday didnt go quite aswel, i did the same kinda schedule. Dont think i played as many as i did the night before. The only real result i can remember was a 2nd, but i ended up around $70+ for the day. So +$400 in the two days, which is ok and just keeps my roll around what i feel comfortable with.
After the Sun Night/Mon morn seshion on 180s, i decided to play a load of MTTs too. Was gna play some stuff on all sites, inc Ipoker,but cos its shit it decides to D/c like every 2 minutes so i unreg from everything else. I was still in a torn but with like 50 left on there, i eventually got back onto it and was in BB for 400 off my 720 stack, got it in and lost with 30 left. Kev at BlondePoker has told me to email them and will get compensated o the Buy in, so thats ok. The rest of the MTTs on Stars on FTP were going pretty well tbh, but i ended up bubbling about 4 of them, which would have been around $100 or something, but obviously gota play ftw. Ended up going deep in the 10.15 $5 rebuy on Stars though. Was sitting around 8/20 with about 120k when i ran QQ into AA he had me coverd by about 6k and i was out in 20th for some ridic small amount, fk my life etc. Just wna run good deep in a torn 1 timeeee, then build from there.

Just woke up around 2.30 am now, was going to get up and play some 180s, then maybe some MTTs later, but will probs just play a load of morning donkaments starting around 9 or something.

On other news moving outa this place on Sunday, going to start packing stuff and cleaning everything Fri/Sat so wont be playing much at all then. Going back to live with parents for a month till the new place is ready to move into which should balllllllllllin.
Not sure what to do whilst there, try and get a job for a month or try a grind some decent $$ playing 180s. Hmmmmmm, no idea!

laterrs, gl.

Friday, 20 June 2008

Brudel scenes

So i wake about 4.30-5 in evening, ready for the grind ahead starting around 5.45 on Ipoker. Get up, get a shower and make myself a fruit salad for breakfast.(lolsalads, i no). I then realise i have like no clothes clean, so i put some washing in and the washing machine starts to go fucking mental. Its like ridic loud and its moving all over the place. Im abs brickin them so go and turn it off. Theres water all over the place too, but ive gota leave it. Its like 5.40 and my donkaments are guna be starting. Fk it, so left it till after the grind.

I then reg'd for everything and was investing like $450 total, 1 time let me get a score. Got off to tez starts in the 2 Stars torns i was playing, getting it in with AA vs KJ and AK into KK in the first level or so and losing. So that wasnt ideal. The ipoker torns were going ok, and i started to get chips in one. It was the 6.45 $22 5k. Eventually about 9 i got to Final table after as crushing it from 25 in, and was 1/10. Then me and the guy in 2nd got in a huge pot. Blinds are 1200/2400, and he makes it 7200 in 2nd position. He has around 60k total and i have around 67k. Ive got QQ and make it 22400, it folds around to him and he insta moves in. I pretty much snap call and he has AK. Flop 9 6 2, im like plzzzz hold. Turn As. My life sucks, and im absolutely fuming. River bricks and im down to 6k. Move in next hand with my last 6.5k or so with 910c and called by KQ. Flop Q high and i brick out in another poor 8th for like $155. Im really pissed off and wonder why i cant win the 1 that really matters. 1st was like 1.5k and would have helped immensely for the roll. But the grind has only really begun, iv got all the 10-12 starts to play and need to get re-focused for them.

Im really annoyed, but play good and start to forget about that. Got stacks in a load of torns, but busted like 20th-40th wen 20 paid etc. Got some chips in this ridic turbo torn i reg'd for on Party, the $6 2k 6 max, first was like $600 with like 500 runners. Anyways, to cut a long story short, i busted 4th for $154, 88 vs A10. Only other torn i really had shots in i came like were like the 4k on Ipoker and 5k on Party. The 4k i busted 21st for some shite. Moved in on BB for from SB with 44 for like 28k at blinds 1.5/3k and he thought for ages then called with K10d for his torn life. wtttf. Flop bricks but as per the turn comes 10. My life sucks again. First again was over 1k but fk it.

Didnt really get deep in anything else tonight, cashed in a few but nothing to write home about. I invested like $520 and cashed for like $425. So again like yesterday,it could have been so much better, But then again could have gone ridic worse. So im only like $100 down for the day and i can still afford to carry on taking these kinda shots. If i totally brick it one day and lose like $400-$500 ill obviously like stated in other posts drop back down to the $4 180s on Stars. Really dont wna though and i feel im pretty close to getting some decent kinda scores.

Anyways must dash its 5am and havent eaten anything since the Salad earlier. Got a pizza in oven probably burning and fucking burnt my hand putting it in. Im running good at life stuff too! Duno what we are guna do about the washer, we're only here for another week or so, so we'll probs just try and survive on the clothes we've got.

Laters, glglglgl.

Thursday, 19 June 2008


Been just generally hitting MTTs in last few days. Mainly Ipoker, Party and then the odd ones on FTP and Stars. Brent came over for a massive session on Tues night as he wasnt at work Wed and not in work til late Thurs.

Tues night, i just played a load of 180s on Stars, was playing pretty well and was hopeful of some results. I ended up busting loads of them around 20-35th and didnt cash in any. But didnt hurt the roll at all, as most of them are only the $4 ones and thats fkall.

Wed Night, decided to grow some balls and put in a full session of MTTs, i deposited $$ on Party and Ipoker ftmfw and was gna hit most of the stuff i could really. I ran bad at start depositing double what i wanted on Party, not sure how that happened. but it did. Nvm.
Started at like half 5 and reg til about 12. Got stacks in some early torns and everyone else was coming towards the end of the sesh so i unreg'd from stuff from like 10.30 onwards. Another reason was because i was deep in the 6k on Ipoker and had chips. I ended up getting it in with 4 left, with A3 vs A2. He obv hit the 2 on the river but nvm. Cashed for like $500 in that and about another $60 in sumat else. So not a bad day, but coulda been much better. 1st in the 6k was around 1.7k which would have been very sweet for my roll.So even though it coulda been better i was happy with the day and had made $$. I was looking forward to Thurs night and putting in another full sesh. Lets gogogogogogogogo

Thurs night, slept for soooooo long from like 8am til sum ridic time. Started to play at 10.15pm and reg for stuff til around 2am. Total $$ i was investing was around $350-$400. First 2 torns of the day went abs terrible, the $55 7.5k on Ipoker, i basically got it all in 3rd hand with AK vs AA, on K high flop. My life sucks, then insta on other table i bust out like 4th hand KK vs A5c all in pre. Wtf he was doing with A5 all in there, i hav no idea but its lolipoker and its standard. Anyways, thought this was pretty comedy, altho i was kinda fuming. Didnt let it effect me though and continued to grind hard. Towards the end of the sesh, i had stacks in like 3 torns on ipoker and things were looking hopeful. They were the $33 10k on Ipoker, $16.50 4.5k and the $7rebuy 5k. I finalled the 4.5k but busted out early with Aj vs KK. Couldnt really do much, i was SB with AJ and 38k. Blinds 2k/4k and 1 guy limps, i obv shib it in with less than 10 BBs here and the limper wakes up with KK. I basically draw dead on the K J X flop and im out for around $124. Oh wow i think. But im still deepish in the 5k and 10k with stacks in both. 1 time plzz.But i busted 33rd with 30 paid, for a huuuuuuge pot with JJ vs AQ in the 10k, Q str8 out, and i think fk my entire life. Still in the 5k though and have around 40k, i get blinds down and blinds are now 2.5k/5k with 15 left. I get KK on button, obv move in, BB thinks, then calls with AK, im like wtf u thinkin about. My life sucks and A str8 out and A on turn and im drawing dead. Out in 15th for $50, pretty terrible.

Thurs night could have been so much better though, so although im down around $200 on the night, im not too unhappy as if i ran better towards the end. The results could have been so much sweeter and a massive boost. But as i roll, it didnt happen and thats how MTT's go sometimes.

Had some degen bets on Wed Night, mainly all on Sweden, not really sure why. But they all lost and i busted the last $$ in my Stan James account.
PaddyPower account has been suspended as they want proof of ID, ffs. So much effort and i dont have a scanner or anything, so guna have to wait a few weeks b4 i can even touch that $$. Pretty ghey as i wanted to have a biggish bet on Croatia tonight and cba depositing on SJ account. But maybe thats a good thing and the Croats wont win.
Might have to support the Germans from now in. As ive got Germany in a sweepstake with mates and get around £80 if they win. Shib it. Although i wont mind if Spain or Croatia win it, cos that'd be huge for them.

Right, thats it for now. Will be grinding hard in next few days in search of some big results, if not, it'l be back to the 180s to grind grind grind. 1 time plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Laters, gl all.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

MTT win #3

sennnnnnnnnnd. Played a bit other day, got involved in a few torns whilst kicking it watching the footy. Ended up taking down yet another $5 donkament! Went to final 7/9, then got HU with a 3-1 disadvantage, ended up turning it around. Only around $300 again, but just want these small wins towards the MTT Challenge.
Numero 3

Other that this, im not really played like full schedules. Im enjoying just kickin it like 1-3 tabling whilst watching all the games. Done the same tonight, LeKnave is jsut sat here with a full on sunday schedule and im jsut watching/betting on the footy. Its incred. Signed upto PaddyPower as they give you a free £20 bet if you place a £10 bet, so i did that.
My bets were:
£10 bet on Czech first corner - shib itttt
£20 FREE bet on Koller anytime scorer at 11/4 - shiibbbbbbb it.
Had $$ on Czech/draw which was looking good for a decent while, but what a game!
Im out, update soon.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Another MTT win and Betting on random S***

Played a bit at the weekend, more on Sunday then again another decent seshion on Tues night.

Sunday> Brent was here grinding and we had a decent set and were looking forward to an immense grind and watching/betting on the footy.
LeKnave and Sledge were going down to the £200 at DTD, though 1 of them would do well. They did, kinda. Leknave came 6th, but only top 4 paid as only 32 runners. Ul imo. I kept getting stacks in torns and wenever i got a shot at going deep etc i jsut ran bad. Brent was here and he was running bad, and couldn't believe how many times i got it in with KK and lost for huge pots. It was so sick. But thats how it goes somedays and uve just gota take it on the chin and if your playing good enough the results will eventually come.

Tuesday> Me, LeKnave and Horneris were part of a Blonde Bounty Torn, and whoever knocked us out got T-shirts n stuff and the hilarity of knocking us out etc. It got an amazin 48 runners or something and i played like a douche and came basically last, same for Brent. Then LeKnave just kept getting it all in dead every single hand and winning, he eventually got a huge stack and then donked off towards the end.
Started to enter torns on FTP, around the $5-$26 range from like 9 -1 or sumat. And got amazin stacks in about 4 torns. Then decided to go deep in the $5 and two $10 torns, the 2 $10s were like 1k ftw and like $700 which would have been nice, but ran bad towards the end and came like 17th and 25th. Then i was doing pretty sweet in the $5 torn, ended up going to FT 7/9, but did pretty well to accumolate some chips and ended up taking it down for only $300. But ill take it and it goes towards the MTT board on Blondepoker, so i now got 2 wins on there, first to 12. But im ahead! sennnnnd. Just my luck to run good in the 1 with the least amount FTW, but ill take it and hope to keep winning little torns here n there.
Still waiting for my FTP $$ to come through, its been about 12 days or sumat ridic, and i wna get playin on ipoker and FTP, but cant til that $$ goes thru.

MTT win below ~

Euro 2008 bets

Had some decent bets at the start of the torn and was a decent amount up, but ive donked all that off on stupid bets just wanting to get involved in every game possible and losing.

Brent gave us a nice little 8/1 tip on a horse, had a 5e/w ftmfw, and it came in first so shbbed like £50 there. Then next day had like £40 on Croatia to beat Austria which also won shibb. But as i said iv donked all the rest off.

Got some acc's still on the go, if Germany Bt Austria(and they should), ill have like +£40 locked up, and i need Spain and Italy to win next matches and thats about another £70, so got some prospects. Got a few quid on Villa top Scorer too, so thats looking ok. Hopefully Podolski doesn't get any tonight and Villa's got a decent shot for top Scorer ldo.

Havent got any bets on tonights game. If i did, id probs just have Germany/Poland double and a Draw/Draw double or sumat. And Germany HT/Draw FT. But these are the bets ive been doing for abs no reason really and losing. I think the Croats are also hugggge at 5s vs the Germans, not on though.
Update sooooon.

Friday, 6 June 2008

MSOP and Prop bet News

Havent played that much tbh, just played some 180s other day but only broke around even, Running terribly towards end of them. Then played the MSOP 6 max and the $26 9.5k KO.
Just ground it out in both pand eventually got a stack in both. The MSOP was ridic soft and was so comfortable jsut popping it evryhand accumalting a huge stack. I got to around 60k at one point then dropped back down. Then lost 1 huge hand AQ vs sb's reshove with A10. Board K 10 2 4 10 was good for him though. And i was down to 20kish. Then went ridic carddead and cudnt pop it evryhand as my stack was terrible. Eventually busted around 130th, but for so long it was looking good and was in top 10 for ages. Was also fuming half way thru after losing huge pot to go 3/4 of 70 in the 9.5k KO, with AQc vs 1010 Blind on Blind, so brudel.

Had a comedy small prop bet with Dave LeKnave Jones this morning. We played 4 $12 180s on Stars and 4 $11 90 manners on FTP. Person who cashed for most or best finishing position wins. Loser has to buy winner a load of shit from Costco, which we are going when it opens in like 2 hours. Its incred.
Brent coming over for the grind tonight which will be fun, and after il lolown his soul at Pro Evo

Lets gogogogogoogogogogo

Just put some bets on for the Euro's, will post them up later. Nothing huge just small bets here and there for railing purposes and others for valooooooooo.


Thursday, 5 June 2008

MTT win and other stuff.

Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, so i finally won an MTT for first time in a while. Lol, so it was only $250 ftw, but got first 1 on board in the MTT Blonde challenge. 1-0 me. Then Flops comes along and takes down the turbo fiddy and Jonesy takes down the 17k this morn. My win just looks even shitter that it already did.
Can only play on Stars and FTP atm, as im still awaiting the money from FTP to go through to my bank. Playing the MSOP $16.50 6 max tonight. I feel ther'l be a load of donks in this with no real idea for the 6 max game and will just be all round terrible. Hopefully i can get a nice run going in it and go deep once again. 1 time FTP.

Looking forward to this wknd, Brents coming over for a grinding sesh online and we are all gna generally lolown it. If not, ill just have to own him at Pro Evo after for srs wonga imo. We were going to go play pool and bet on loadsa shit, but thats not happening anymore so nvm.

Pretty bored right now, waiting for a torn or 2 to start and looking at the betting for Euro 2008 whilst playing the new SoccerManager game online that Scottc off Blonde set up.
Can't make any bets, because as i said waiting for $$ to go throught really.

Will post in the next day or so with updates.

  • Gl Jones at DTD £300.

  • Shib the 3rd WSOP seat Middy, u own.

  • Sledge, keep going the results will come

  • Brent, lets dooooooooooooo this, this wknd.

My MTT win below sennnnnnnnnnnnnnd. loldonkaments.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Been a long time...

After inspiration from Horneris starting up his blog again/me doing well in a big torn im going to start blogging often again.

The reason i haven't blogged in so long is that i eventually went busto, bills and rents etc eventually caught up with me and i could no longer play poker on a regular basis. E.g smashing the Party/Ipoker torns ridic hard.
Loadsa people have been saying, why do you enver blog anymore, and i just say, because theres nothing to say and it'll be ridic boring to read. I no thats wrong, and i should just keep updated on my overall life, and if im playing anything at all, just to blog about it.

So...the other day i was pretty busto, and going to look for a job on Monday(Yesterday). LeKnave had just been shibbing me money to on Stars/FTP to play the odd torn here and there.
THEN he staked me for the MSOP $16.50 Buy in with 5318 runners, absoulely absurd amount of runners, and me and Jones were laughing at how big the field is and not really taking it seriously. Eventually i started to get some chips together, it was brudel. I was 1/44, 1/15, 2/9 etc. So chipleader for quite a while, i won my fair share of flips, which is what uve gota do to go deep in something like this. Eventually we were down to 4-5 players, i was gt'd a decent sum, and was up for winning this big time. 3-4 handed i was so card dead, couldn't find any spots, and blinds were ridic, i cudnt reshove with air, as i didnt really have that much fold equity. 3 handed i got it in with 77 vs K10, 10 str8 out, and i was out 3rd for 7k and change. Which at the start of the torn i wuda been delighted with, but was amazingly gutted i didnt take it down afterwards.

Screenshot of it below:

So even though i cashed for $7k, i had 2 ship LeKnave 3.5k of it for the stakng, which was pretty sick. But gotta thank him for staking me and gettin me back on track again. Also that night, not massive in comparison, he staked me to a load of 180s on Stars, and i made a profit of just over 1k. Which is sweet, having only played like 10 $4.40s and 9 $11s. Had to ship LeKnave half of that also, but im happy with a $4k night, and its start to build build build.

Past few days iv played some MTTs, maybe too much but im just happy to be back playing again. Only lost around $100-$150 after a few cashes, in last few days so nothing major on the BR.

Ive had to pay Jones the £400+ i owed him for some bills he recently paid, and iv gota catch up on latest rent. So after everythings paid, im left with just over £1k. So a roll of around $2k to play with.

Im planning to just grind the S*** outa some 180s on Stars to build my roll into a decent amount. Then start plying MTT's regularly again.
Hopefully i can stick at the 180s till we move into the new balla flat, then have a big enuf roll to go for it on the MTT scene. Will just be grinding a $500 roll on Stars for now and see what i can griiind it into.
Going to keep a bit of $$ on FTP for the rest of the MSOP Series, as although FTP wont let me run good again, i obviously enjoyed the torn and hope to ship it in another one of the torns.

3 big shouts for:

1)Middy(hitthehole, online): for staking me a while back to some 90 seaters on FTP, ran good in first load i played for him, then decided i would run amazingly bad when he staked me for a decent amount. Anyways, hes won 2 WSOP seats in last week or so. Have a ballin time, and ship home some crucial money plz.

2)LeKnave on the MTT challenge win, sennnd it. Win the next one too imo. Gl at DTD this wknd if you decide to go. Win it plz.

3)Horneris on getting back into the MTT scene and doing well recently. Also succeeding in your Betfair challenge,turning £500 into 3k. sennnnnnnnnnd.

Going to be having a few bets on Euro 2008 over next couple of days, so will probs post them up.

Will keep posted everyday or so.

lets doooooooooooooooo this 1 time.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Sooo lazy in feb/The March grind imo.

Im basically mirroring what LeKnave said in his blog. I won a decent amount playing in Jan and wanted that to continue. But then came February, i had no urge or desire to play properly and solidly like i/we did in Jan. In Jan, i would spend most of my hours playing online and shibbing the monies. Maybe cos i had a goodish month i didnt feel the need. But i did need to. So in Feb as i hardly ever played im up no more than £1! Around 20p to be precise. shib it. Id be lying saying i didnt play at all, but when i did i didnt play properly. The two times i tried to put in any sort of session, and i won a donkament. The $11 PLHE Rebuy on stars, only about 80 runners, but won like $800. Also the 2nd in the $44 reg on party as mentioned in another post for like $800. These wins were crucial for having a plus month.
Oh yeah, that f****** prop bet, i think this ruined my/our months for playing online too, that was just terrible. I lost around $800, but i spose it was good fun and other ppl enjoyed it. But it did no favours for my online game and desire to play.
But its a new month....
March im hoping to play solidly and amazingly like i did in Jan, play all the time and stick to Party(donks), Stars and maybe a bit of FTP. Been playing a couple of nights into March and its been going well, im back to playing good and solidly again. Have been starting to get frustrated lately, i have shots at winning things, then lose the big hand when i need to. I thought it was all guna come together last night. I ran terrible for the whole night. E.g All in Ak vs AQ, Ak vs K10, Set vs FD etc(you know the score) everytime i lost. Then the last couple of torns i was going well, the 5k Party and the 10r on party. $2.3k and $1k ftw respectively. I was in good shape to have a shot at both. But it wasnt to be, i ended up coming 7th for like $350, which helps. But still not what i wanted. I ran bad on the final, popped it up 2 hands with 22 and K10 both on Button or Cut-off, both times some1 reshoved all in. And cant call that. So i did the same back, SB min raises my BB, i shove with q10d, he makes the call for most his stack with a4! fk my life, gg. Then the $10r, well basically 14 left, i get set over setted with 99 vs jj. nvmmmm.
But the good thing is ive had shots at winning and i no the results will come, i just gota be patient.

Got a home game tonight in Colton, to finish our TPT off that we started like 2 years ago. A series of 20 games, but we never got to 20 and been stuck on 19 for ages. I should make the final, which will be arranged at a later date.

So lets dooooooooooooooooo this in March.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Its official, im SHIT!

lol. Maybe not, but maybe i just ridiculously bad towards the end. Whenever i got in spots to take sumat down, i ran amazingly bad. I know this happened to the other 2 so i cant use that as an excuse. Anyway i played from 5am til 2am, only 21 hours, but i feel carrying on in the way i was playing, would have gone nowhere and no point playing on, just to try win the bet if ur guna lose more $$ that you could win if you did actually win the bet. Especially when i was playing that badly towards the end.
Anyway LeKnave took the bet down, wp to him. Even though i was ahead for around 10 hours of the bet, i ended up losing around $600 on the $180s and then another $200 to Dave for the bet. Was pretty gutted and annoyed but it happens.
I thought i wouldn't wna play for at least 3 days after the bet, being worn out etc. But surprsingly i played yest and decided the $12 45 seaters on Stars were my best bet. Not sure how many i played, but i ended up around $300 up last night from them, shib it. So grinding my losses back form the other night, gna play some more of them today and see how they go. lets gogogogo.
Also on spin up news, i logged onto my FTP account and found out i had $9 in there, so i went on a spin up, doubled up in cash to $17, then bought into a $11 6 max torn on there and did terrible, well, i flopped the 3rd nuts and some1 flopped quads on me, and i was out within 10 mins, i run good. So i had $6 in my account, went up the levels in cash, and ended up losing a $300+ pot with QQ vs AK and A10 in $1/$2. So fkin brudel.

Anyways, ill do another blog soon and update you on the latest. lets gooooooooooooooooooo

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Weekend update and the Challenge...

Ok, so i decided not to play the million. Cba with 8000 runners, but i did play the Warm Up, 300k and FTOPS 8. The 300k went pretty well, and i got a big stack, highest point of around 67k. Then got involved in a few hands, also lost AQ vs JJ, so went down to around 48k. Then bluffed off a bit down to 30k, and ended up shoving with A10 on Button, running in2 the BB's KK. ah well. Finished 137th for $487th. But coulda been more, nvm. The Warm Up, never really got going for me, couldn't get anything going, and ended up losing a flip for a double up with AK vs 99 and went out pretty early on. I enjoyed the FTOPS 8 event, as it was 6 Max, and was confident. Took a KO early on then lost my stack with Q8 in the SB on a Q94Q3 Board. Maybe i played it bad, i bet the flop, checked the Turn and we got it all in on the 3 River, he had 33. Not really sure about that one. Apart from those torns, nothing really happened on Sunday for me apart from odd cashes, best one just a 13th in the 5k on Party, nothing special though.

The Challenge:

From Sunday morning at 5am till Monday morning 5am, me, LeKnave and Horneris will be doing a challenge or Stars here at the flat for 24 hours str8. We will be playing all the 180 seaters on stars throughout this period, the $4s, $12s and $20s. The winner will be the one with the most TLB points after all are over. We thought this was best, as if u did most $$ someone could just stop playing after a certain amount of wins etc. Whereas TLB points mean you HAVE to keep playing to keep ahead of the game, if ur winning. We'll all be putting up around $200 and winner takes all. Hopefully we can all still make a decent profit from this, and the $200 wont matter if you lose, plus its going to be comedy. So towards the end of this week, im guna be preparing, playing the 180s a lot, seeing how they go and get used 2 playing a high volume of them. Maybe play for periods of 8 and 12 hours just playing those. Saturday going to Costco, to stock up on Red bulls, Lucozade, Cokes and food, for the ultimate sesh.
Lets gogogogogogoogogogo, and GL u 2.

Last but not least, were going down DTD again this thurs for the £55 F/o. Hopefully do something this time, and not misclick all in with 24ish left!! Hopefully quite a few Blondes down there again to catch up, and maybe SNGS or Cash game after, we'll see.

Shout out to the Andrew 'FTM' Priestley, who got a nice little cash under his belt last night. Came 3rd in a torn for around $1k. A good cash for him, he hasnt played much online in the past and has just mainly been a on/off home game player but has wanted to get involved more online and get some kinda win under his belt. It finally came, shib it to him. Wp m8.

L8ers, will update l8er in week.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Taking shots

Still not playing proper solidly, but hoping to play more in the coming weeks. Played in bits this week, and had half a result to my name coming 2nd in a $44 reg on Party for just over $800, 1st was 1.3k, but ran bad HU. Apart from that, i haven't really done much else apart from the other odd little cashes.
Played live twice this week, Tues the £25 F/o, where i bubbled the FT, coming 10th, Jones ended up taking it down anyway so its all good. Then played Fri night for the £10 D/c, where i did ok till the break, then donked off after the break for no reason at all really.
Soon as i got back on Friday though, i played $26 sng to the 300k on Party, ended up taking it down and will be playing that today. Yesterday i couldn't be bothered playing a load of torns so i just tried 2 make enuf $$ to buy into either the Stars Warm up or Million. So i stuck $100 and tried spinning that up playing Sats and $12 45 seaters. Ended up doing pretty well on the 45 seaters front, taking 2 down and cashing in some other shit. So ended up on like $400, so decided im guna play both Stars torns. and make it a big Sunday. Also bought into FTOPS 8, which is the $120 6 max KO. I wanted to play one of the FTOPS, and i feel my 6 handed game is decent and its not a massive buy in either.
Will be playing a load of other stuff on Party today too, but hopefully will run good in one of the majors.

So lets fucking do this shit, 1 time! lets goggogoogogogogogogo

Will update 2mo. l8ers.

Friday, 1 February 2008

Last few days and January round up...

Have played a bit since Friday, but haven't been playing solidly like i had been the week or so up till then. Brent came over at weekend, and we had some sessions online. Between Fri and Sat night, i cashed in some torns on Party for around $2k in total, 4 FT's, coming 7th 7th 3rd and 2nd!(still cant close one out...FFS). Sunday went pretty terribly, i was hoping to get up in time to buy into the 300k, but i didnt. Brent and Jones managed 2 get up for a massive sesh on Sunday, and brent cashed in this. Thort he was actually guna go deep in this,but some donk made an absurd call and knocked him out. Wp anyway, tid next time imo. When i did get up, i played the 18k and cashed in that for a measly amount then just missed out on the money in the $109 20k, but gota play FTW so wasnt botherd about that at all. Monday, made just the 1 FT and 12th in the 10r, but since then haven't really done anything. Got our mate Priest coming over tonight, were guna grind V. hard from around 6 onwards, so hope i wont donk off too much $$ and instead make some FT's and make some mular!
The set up we've got in the lounge is heaven now, both me and Jones(LeKnave) have another monitor to Multi table loadsa torns and can just watch a load of HSP, World Series or Las Vegas when not playing too many torns, which tends to make me play better as i dont get inpatient and try do stuff too early.

Profits/Loss for Jan:

Online: + £1747.33
Live: + £466.50
Overall: + £2214.08

Overall since starting to keep a record of Profit/loss(21st Dec 07) : +£2947.09

The profits are all mainly down to Party, which i am + $4423.72. And on all other sites, im either about even are down. So party is where im going to be mainly playing at this next month, and we'll see how things go. Might give Stars another go, playing 45 - 180 seaters at some point, but for now will be playing Party as much as possible in search of some decent cash and big wins.

This is an ok month for me, id like to think i can build on this, as all i am doing at the moment is trying to build a decent Roll. As i have no job at the moment, this needs to be taken seriously, and if i can have another month, which is as good as Jan, ill be happy. But i hope i can go a little bit further and shipp it more crucially. Gotta say WP to LeKnave, who has came on really strongly in Jan, last year he was around +8k for the year. But in Jan alone he blew that away and was around £9k up, not sure of exact figures though. Lets hope he can keep the run going.
Seems like Brent has got his game back too after spending the weekend at the flat, on the first couple of nights he was playing ridic tilted and we told him to chill and results will come. I think it helps esepcially with the 3 of there, talking about decisions and deciding whats the best play etc. Anyway by end of weekend, his results were getting better and could tell he was starting to play better, how we and he knows he can. Keep it going! He also keeps the spirits up in camp, even when he loses an abs ridic pot, he still manages to cheer. We started to do by end of the Weekend, can be very comedy at times, but when deep in a decent torn and get a ridic beat, it sometimes doesn't help!
As i seem to be doing a round up of us all, it seems like Sledge maybe moving to Spain, selling his house in Selski...i mean Selby and fucking off 2 Spain, if all goes well. Gl m8, hope everything goes well.

Lets fucking do this shit.....lets gogogoggogogogogogoogogo.

Friday, 25 January 2008

Im so terrible

Ok, so firstly we go to DTD which is so sweet and looks amazing. I do pretty well for about 4-5 hours, then decide its a good idea to do a live misclick all in with 24ish left. Absolutely stupid. Kind of my fault, but kind of dealers too. It gets folded round to me at blinds 800/1600 - 200 ante, so about 4k in there and i hav 16k ish, so i move in on BB with A3o to take the pot. But 'apparently' an guy UTG has already moved all in. Ok so i should have been paying attention obviously, but the all in guy didnt move his chips in and i couldn't or didnt see his cards. Also when folded round to me the dealers says 'its on you' not whatever it is to call or that its all in to call or w/e. I made a mistake defo and my last, and ill learn but i think the dealer should have made it more aware to people at the table, even the BB didnt realise and he thought i was just taking his BB. Nevermind, it was great to finally see what DTD was like, and we'll be making it a regular trip.

On the online front i continue to make Final tables, but continue to not win. I know these spells happen, but i just want to take one down. Im still making decent $$ whilst doing this but i just wna get my first win of 08 out of the way. Wednesday night me and Leknave just kicked it, not really doing a lot, wanting to be fresh for DTD. We did play the odd torn tho, one was the Blonde Stanley league thing, which was fun...untill i 3 paid, i came 4th. Obv Dave 'LeKnave' came 2nd in that. Then later on i ended up coming 2nd in the late $10r on party for just over $600, again, couldnt take it down. My HU opponent did have a 10-1 CL though. Tonight actually made 3 final tables came 7th, 4th and 7th again.(i think) The best one has gotta be the $10r one which was absolute comedy, as even tho me, Dave and Horneris were all grinding away here at the flat, we ALL made the final. LOL. Dave was ridic CL, brent about 3rd and me in like 8th after taking a hit just b4 FT. Dave ended up busting me after i reshove his Button raise with A7d, he obv finds the AK and kncoks me out. Later he knocks Brent out with A10 vs a4, but then got lolowned HU.
WP Brent who also made 3 finals tonight and actually took 1 down,ship. So it all went pretty nice tonight. Think will be doing the same Sat night and will update probably after the wknd. Hopefully with a nice win and some decent $$ on board.
Lets gogogogogogo

GL all

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Close, but no cigar....

Just been playing online for the last 4-5 days, haven't really done much though. Ive been close to some big scores in quite a few torns, but then run bad and end up coming between 10th-27th for the decent cashes. Made a few final tables in last few days, only for minor amounts like $180 and $344 etc... which only just makes me break even, or maybe just + for the day. Been doing pretty well on party this month and am about +$2k on there which is ok. Then on all other sites im either down a little or just winning.

Since starting to keep a note of my poker results, which was just before xmas, around 21st Dec i think, im up just over £2k, and in January im up just over £1300. I hope i can start to run good in the later stages of the torn and take down some torns and get a decent cash which would do my roll no harm at all.
Shout out for LeKnave, who has been running pretty hot in the last couple of days, taking down the 20k on Party for just under 6k and day before he won around 3k. Very nice. Im happy for him and everything, i just wish i could run good towards end of tournaments and get a decent score, hopefully it will come.

Looking forward to going to DTD on Thurs for first time which should be good. Going down with the team of wankers, Sledge, Horneris, LeKnave and JP. Think Oli is driving down too and meeting some more down there, should be good.
Probs have a day off from Poker 2mo, think me and LeKnave may go play some 9 ball at the pool hall and chill. Then Thurs is obv DTD...1 time.

Will prob do another post towards end of week, after DTD and hopefully some nice wins.

Gl all

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Party 5k

Slight brag, kinda gutted!

Whilst writing my other post today, i was still in a few torns. Anyway knocked out of one in like 40th outa 1600 runners on stars, not too bad. Wasnt much $$ tho. Then i was still in the party 5k doing well. Anyway, the numbers kept decreasing and my stack increasing, eventually made the FT, me with 220k, next person behind me with bout 110. I knew i had a shot to do well and was confident and playing well. Eventually i knocked a few out and a few other dropped and we were HU, i had 500k, he had about 260ish. I got him down to 200k, then on a board of A4423, i have 45, he bets i r/r he moves in and now im committed to calling after basically putting him all in anyway. Not that i would ever wna fold here. Anyway he has 22 for the FH, so sick. Then we i still have him outchipped by about 70k, we get it all in again, he has 10s and i hav AQ, his 10s hold up and im down to 70k. Next hand my KQ and his A10, no help and im out in 2nd. Pretty annoyed at the moment but what else can i do.

Until next time.....wiggy wiggy wiggy, dya dya dya!(for Sledge)

Last week or so...

Just wrote a whole blog, but stupid thing refused 2 save so cant be botherd 2 write it all again.
Basically, i lost a bit playing live Fri nite, torn then cash. Flopped top 2 in cash vs Bottom set and no chance of getting away as i wasnt deep enough obv. Have now got back into the swing of things online, although i still love live poker and wana keep playing regularly live as i feel i can make some decent $$ there.

I lost a bit on FTP, but won some back on BSQ so its all good. Now got most of my roll on Stars and a bit on Party. Earlier on i satellited into the 300K and will be playing it this Sunday...1 time. Also after taking down that Sat i was on confident mood, and decided to try qualify for the nightly 100k, i ran good again and took down another seat, this time ive took the T$ as im pretty tired and if i am gna play this one night, i wna be feeling fresh.
I'll be playing mainly online for next week or so and maybe the odd casino visit on nights for the local donkaments. I'll be mainly playing on Stars and Party for the forseeable future then and playing Sngs/mtts/Sats to try grind out a decent roll. Hopefully can qualify for the million aswell this Sunday and play both Party and Stars biggies.

Also looking forward to our first visit to DTD on the 24th, should be a good laugh and cant wait to see what its like down there and play in the tournaments and cash games there.

Sorry about short post. But comp played up!

Lets gogoogogogogo, gl all.