Friday, 27 July 2007

Im back

So.............. i went busto online, didnt wana wack anymore online, as i was just too depressed with it and needed cash for holidays and other things. Meaning i had nothing to post really, so didnt wna bore you.

Since though, ive been enjoying live poker, with the odd wins and been on holiday. The holiday did me good, but got ill for 2nd week of it and had 2 come back early. But the first week was great, going ridic stupid with my cash.
Anyways just sorting my life out now, were moving to Leeds, Me, Linux and LeKnave, got a sweet ass flat that i cant wait to get moved into,should be good.
Got myself a 35 hour a week job at Will Hill, in centre of town, just taking bets of ppl that ring up and wna stake like 1k on horses and that. Its quite fun as just get to watch sport all day, and anything you want to when not on the phone.

Wont be back playing online for at least a couple of weeks(waiting to get a new laptop as Sony have said they will replace mine after i spilt a drink on my old one) but will update when i am eventually back on. Probs guna go with what Leknave reccommends, Party and Full Tilt, as Stars has like 100000000 runners and its just too depressing.
Hoping to score some nice wins once back online, ill have to wait and see....