Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Being lazy and Blonde Bash

Soooooooo, after my win other last week in the 50/50 i lost all enthusiasm to play. Not really sure why. I cudnt be bothered playing tues and wed and only played 2 small sessions on Thurs/Fri breaking around even over both days so not too much damage to the MiDdyCruSh roll.
Then it was onto Blonde Bash.......

Sat morn me, LeKnave and Maldini were off to Luton for Blonde Bash. Ty(maldini) was desperate to play the footy so we had 2 set off at 8am, to be at the footy place in luton for 11. This wasnt the greatest idea, as altho the footy was a laugh, there was only like 3 teams and we won it fairly comfortably tbh. Newayyyyyyyys, onto the Poker. The main £30 donkament started at 3 and i got seated with Fran. We both got involved in the £20 last longer and we agreed to chop any money we got from it 50/50. She busto'd fairly early, gr8 game. [ ] good business sir. Got upto like 13k b4 first break after the add on. Then got upto like 35k when sum1 opened for 2k, sum1 jammed, and i re jammed with KK. One had AK, other QQ, K on flop and it was gr8 game to them 2. weeeeeeeeeeee. Then didnt really get much going, got moved to table with Maldini and Brummieboy and wasnt in the greatest position tbh. Got back to like 45kish, and then there was like 20 left. Ended up busting in 13th when i lost KQ vs 99, then 66 vs KQ, fairly soon after each other. We HAD already chopped the last longer though, 4 way. For £130 each, so me and Fran got £65 each [ ] weeeeeeeeeeee. lol.
Had been feeling absolutely terrible for about 2 hours b4 i busted tho, and went back to the hotel pretty soon after busting as i felt like shit and just wanted 2 curl up and die or just go 2 sleep.
Jones ended up busting in 4th, sighhh, and Maldini bubbled the final in 10th, gg. Not bad, all 3 of us going pretty deep to say we didnt really give a shit about the actual torn.

Sunday was a quality day. We went for a meal, and randomly picked Gatso up on the way. Went to some irish pub, and got a sunday dinner. Gatso lost the flip for paying. So we picked him up and grimmed the shit outa him for a meal. gr8 game sir. Then we headed back to the casino for the HU torn and Roshambo and other stuff going on. We got given Compo in our team and he pretty much spite busto'd like 3rd hand vs Dunks top set. I got a tough HU vs the fish that is ' Amatay'. Good to meet you sir. He was crushing the HU fairly early on, but i ground it back and then won the vital flip 55 vs KJ. Our team had already lost tho, as Maldini bluffed his stack off vs Mondatoo and Jones got crushed by 'the mole', who apparently plays $300/$600 online. gg.

Then to the best part of the wknd. Me, Dunk, Jones and Maldini were like, u wna do some flips yo? So we all got involved. Just betting like £2-3 and doing like 4way flips. Then Bongo got involved and soon after there was a whole table and a massive rail. Pretty quality. Theres only like £20 in a pot, but it was so comedy, as you could slowroll the fk outa ppl. Or not even know u hav the abs nuts, as we wer playin 8 card omaha and other times rookie jsut gave cards to ppl. Some hands you may hav 18 cards, the next he might give u 4, while every1 else has like 10! (used 2 decks btw). For 5 of a kind, str8 flush and scooping the whole pot in omaha hi-lo you ahd 2 get a round in and it was fkin srs comedy when firstly Malidni started cheering about his str8 flush, and then Ironside cheering as loud as possible when they scooped the loot. Their faces when they realised they had to get like 15 ppl a round in was so top draw. I went on a massive upswing, turning my initial £1 into like £80. I then ran bad late on , and eventually was back down to like £10, which i flipped with Dunk and obv lost. sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Everyone got involved in a £10 flip for like £100 at the end which Maldini obviously won, cos hes gooooooooolden. Doesn't seem like a lot, but cos its an amount no1 really gives a shiny about its so comedy and its amazin when u win even tho its only like £20! Will undoubtably be playing this at all BB's in the future, weeeeeeeeee.

Neway, since been back from Luton i haven't played any MTT's as i was too tired on Monday, and i cudnt be arsed with all the daily torns today. Need to get back into waking up around 4pm and hittin all torns from like 6 onwards etc. Atm, not in that sleep pattern and its pretty ghey. Gota be around all day on Thurs too, as iv ordered a new desk for my room and a ballin new monitor. As seen below. Link for webiste is here: http://www.ebuyer.com/product/141321

So pretty happy with what will be my new setup in my room and won't have Horneris smiling at me and cheering in my face whenever i take a ridic beat. Which is what has been happening lately as ive had to grind on living room table since we moved in. Hopefully be hitting some MTTs this week, during the day i guess. As got parents coming over on Saturday at a normal time, aswell as having to be up in day Thurs to collect Desk and monitor, so wont be able 2 hit the full on degen online schedule (6-2ams) til Sunday onwards. Then we are gna gogogoogogogogo and win it alllllllllll.

Will update sooooon, gl all. Win it all yo.



Amatay said...

lol, gd write up m8. nice to meet u at bb7 even thou u crushed me hu and rinsed me on the £2 showdown u bastard!!

Horneris said...

Cant you put up a picture of your new desk too plz mate?