Thursday, 31 July 2008

Not much going on and the new flat, wiiiiiiiiiiiii.

Yep, title says it all. Not much going on, played a bit. Not really done anything spectacular though. Last couple of days, i havent really played as been sorting stuff for new flat and parents are away so had to look after the house and stuff. End of last week FT'd $20r on FTP, which was like 4k ftw, but finished a tez 8th for tez amount. Cant really remember much else that jumps to mind. Middy staked me to a few torns on Sunday, like the WU and Brawl. He often just says, u wna play this for me etc' so i do. Brawl i got it in with AA vs QQ to go like 13/500 or w/e. It came A J 2 K 10, so gfg FTP, ty. Warm up went tez, 10s vs QQ, then FD/SD vs top 2, i didnt get there etc. Can't really remember much else towards end of last week, had a few prospects in a load of torns, but obviously ran bad and stuff so nvm. Should have posted back then but i cudnt be bothered really. nvvvvvvvvvvvvvvm.

On better news, its like 4.30 am here and i went to bed at 2am. I slept for 2 hours! sigh. But were moving into new flat later 2dayyyyyy. Wiiiiiiiiiii, me Horneris and LeKnave, its gna be crucial. Moving in around 5ish, then off somewhere to get loadsa ballin purchases like a 42'' tv and PS3 and shit. Should be good. Then Saturday, were all making the trip to DTD £300 torn. Me, LeKnave and Horneris are meeting Middy (hitthehole) and Brunny(claretcougar) down there and have 2 rooms booked, 4 bed, 5 of us. So sick. So were gna do Credit Card Roulette for who has 2 sleep on the floor., Brudel scenes 1 time not meeeeeee. I run so bad at that kinda shit tho, its 80% gna be me. Taking laptops down, so when i bust we'l prob bomb back to the hotel and hit online donkaments Shaun Fucking Deeb styyyyyle. Hopefully wont have to, and make day 2, then go on to win the fker, 1 time. If not, we'll be back at home grinding away from Monday onwasrds imo (if we have sorted internet by then).

Will update after the wknd, when we are back online. Not sure when it'l be but pretty soon.

Lets gogogogogogogogogogogogo and gl all etc.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Shiiiiiiiiiib it.

Nope, still no win. But have shibbed in the monies in the past 2 days. After my blog post yesterday, i played a sesh 10-2ish and got 4th in the $16.50 360 ball on Stars for like $500, 1st like $135o, sooo sigh. But stil ok. Then came 4th also in the $55 7.5k on Ipoker. Also for like $5ooish. So cashed for over $1k on the day, and invested like $400 or over. So a good $600 profit on the day, which was nice. And could have been so much better. But il take it.

Then today, played a sesh from 2.15 til 7 reg'ing. Got 4th in the $22 Double stack for like $200, only like $700 ftw, but nvm. I crush that torn so hard, Sledge is always saying it. Only really decent if you win it though. Which iv only managed once so far a few weeks go. Had a load of top 10s in it though, sigghh. Also ended up going to final of the $22 5k Party 5/10. Got HU, me 200k vs his 550k, which was ghey but was patient and ground him out hard. Then i got CL. Me 500k to his 250k. Then he ground me back down then when around even i lost a massive flip KQ vs 88. gglife. 2nd for $815. 1st again like $1350. sighhhhhhhhh. But again cashed for over $1k on the day and things are looking good. A good past few days, lets hope it continuessss and i finally get that win again after so many nearlys.

Just a quick update, im outt. glglgl all.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Crushing it like we know how.

.....On Ipoker anyway.

Well put in a brudel session yesterday, started at like 2 and reg'd for most stuff til like 7. Then continued to play on thru the 10-12 reging. Including the 35k and 65k that Middy put me and Horneris into. More on that later. Finally finished my sesh at like 4.30. So 14 hours was actually an ok sesh.

Yesterday i placed 7th, 7th, 11th, 12, 18th and 21st in torns in Ipoker. The most crushing exit was in the $25r 10k. With 7 left i got it in with QQ vs A5, Bing A str8 off and i was out in 7th for like $500. But 1st was like $4k, and was pretty crushed and really wanted to win that torn. So fkin sick. 1st time i had played this though. LeKnave always plays this and seems to crush it, and from living with him for last year or so, i have learnt from his i guess about how terrible the Ipoker players are. So i took a small shot in this and gt in for $100, which is ok. The other ones were in the 6ks and 3.5ks on there, like $22-$33 F/os etc and i bubbled the $55 7.5k. Horneris finalled this along with JimmyfkinEck, Eck off blonde. wp. So this is just a post to say i crushed Ipoker yest, but made fkall money, but was + for the day. Not much, but i really want that win again to get back to winning ways and that winning feeling.

Later on Middy put me and Horner in the 35 and 65ks. We put up a good performace and i was crushing both torns, getting massive stacks in both. I then fked up bigtime in the 35k making a play with J10 on QQ2 flop. He r/r me on flop, i flatted to shove turn ( Middys advice too, although i felt it too, bit gheyyyyy) Turn K, good card for shovin anyways imho. I shove he snaps with Q6o, gg life and i dont get there. Nvmmmmmmmmmmm. Then the 65k, i came just off the $$ in like 68th. Check raising all in on 8 8 K flop with 99, he snaps KJ gfg imo. Nvmmmmm. I didnt actually mean to check the flop, i timed out and it auto checked me, then the other guy bet, and i think i just have to shove here most the time.
Nothing really else happened yesterday to write about i dont think. just gheyyyyy that i keep crushing it and dnt get what i deserve. Same goes for Horneris, weve crushed in last few days, but no big wins. He got 2nd in the 2.5k on Party for $600, but its the wins we want. Thats why we play this game.

Other news, finally got new IPhone other day, its abs ballin.

Still looking forward to moving to new flat, just over a week now. Hopefully 1st Aug is still moving in day, then the trip down to Notts on 2nd/3rd for DTD £300er. Should be a great weekend and hopefully one of us lot can shib the monies in 1 timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Putting in a session tonight, probs from like 10 onwards. So lets dooooooo this.

Lets gogogogogogogo, gl all, update soooooooooooooooooon.

Sunday, 20 July 2008


Hadn't decided whether i was gna play any Sunday donks. But got up and was raring to go. So decided i was going to play loadsa Sats to shit and hopefully qual to some biggies. 1 timmmmmmme. Cost me like £120 total and qual'd for:

  • $215 IPoker 250k via $20r 30 Seat Gtd, in for $62.
  • £110 DTD £40k via £13 sat, 4 seats.
  • $215 Party $300k $23 Sat 8 seats.

But had played a quite a few more sats. Played 2 x $39 6 max Sats to WU and Mill, got HU in both and ran like death. gg Mill/WU. Then in a $10r to WU 22 seats, i came 27th,gg. Just wasn't destined to qual for Stars biggies imo. So i ended up being in them all for like £160-£200. Not really sure but nvm.

Anyways, started well on Party building up big stack from the off. Ak vs QQ, KK vs QQ etc. Then with 129 left this hand occured.

Im Mid position with 69k and have 88. I make it 7900 at 1.5/3k.

Next guy insta flat calls me off his 75kish stack. Everyone else folds.

Flop [ Th, Ah, 8s ]

Im like this is gna be an ok pot.

ChipRich20 bets (11200)

Dardan0s raises (31155) to 31155

ChipRich20 raises (50316) to 61516ChipRich20 is all-In.

Dardan0s calls (30361)

He shows Ad10d. 1 tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime.

** Dealing Turn ** : [ Ac ] ---- R U SRS, WTF IS THT

** Dealing River ** : [ 6h ]

FKIN BULLSHIT PARTY i think, and am so fuming. Why can't i win that, i go like 5/130 in a biggie. But of course, i run like death, gfg. Cashed for $450, but wtf is that when you lose that hand.

Really fuming and pissed off now, but have gota concentrate on my other donks. Am still in the £40k and $250k. End up busting in the £40k in 97th running QQ into AA for big pot, gglife.

Still going in the Ipoker $250k though and bout 90 left, dont have many chips and am in autopush mode. Anyways, i get back upto like 12k and push mid position with AQ, get called in BB by Ad10s, im like one fucking time plz. Flop 10d Xd Xd, i completely give up and am abs crushed. He makes flush on river to make sure and im out of another biggie kinda deep to the tune of $425, fk my entire life. Am so crushed now, after crushing 3 biggies and getting it in massive fave for big/huge stacks in 2/3. But obviously i dont want a shot at winning a massive amount of monies.

Later on Middy staked me and Horneris to the FTP 1 Mill gtd, $535 Buyin. Ty Middy.

Ran bad in this too, blinds 25/50 and i hav like 5.5k, Sb like 4.4. Everyone folds round to him, he makes it 175, i make 595, he shoves. Now at this point im pretty sure he has sumat like AK, so i call obv. He flips AK. 1 time for the flip.

Flop 2 5 Q

Turn 7

River... A. Fk my life and im down to 1.3k.

Few hands later, i get it in 88 vs AK, flop T J Q, gg.

Sorry about the massive rant, im just really annoyed right now. And wish i could just run good 1 time, in them spots. FFFFFFFFFS.

Anyways im + for the day which is always good, but coulda been so much more. Duno if il play 2mo, might just play a load of small donks as im running like death again it seems.

gl ppl, run good and not like me. gogogoogogogogogogooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Thursday, 17 July 2008


Sorry, havent updated for a week or so. Had a small break and didnt play for 3-4 days. Got back playing on Wednesday night and played everything i could from like 4.30 til 7. Then put in another small session later on. Im just really annoyed at the moment, Wed night i had some decent shots at decent $$ and failed. Came 2nd in torn on Ipoker, like 1k+ ftw. But i had 200k HU and he had 35kish. I lost 3 flip 88 vs k10, A9 vs 33 then A9 vs 67s on 9 8 6 flop. So a big sighhhhhh there. Also had finishes of 6th,10th,11th and 13th in other torns. So disappointed at end of night as it could have been epic. In the end i ended like £150 up, shib it fkin holla. Oh no, dont. Even though had a + day, was still gutted etc.
So to Thurs, woke up bout 10.30am, and played from 12 -7 reg'ing. Wasnt that many torns and were decently spread out. Anyways to cut a long story short, i ran like piece of crap. In like my last 7 torns of the day, i busted out of 6 of them with JJ, running into QQ KK or AA. I was like wtffffff. Was so fuming. So had like a -£300ish day there. Which is not good for the roll, and if it continue like that, b4 long il be broke and fked again.
Middy put me into some torns on FTP other night, some $75s and $50 1 r/a. Only notable finishes were 14th in the $75 Big Double A for like $138 and 29th in $50 1 r/a. Had to shib him all teh monies though as i was stuck into into him for a few hundred.
Going to hit the 4.15's onwards later on Ipoker/DTD(if that decides to work today)/Party. Plzzzzzzzzzz lemme run good 1 time, not like a piece of shit again.

Other news:
Still boring as fk here in Grimsby, and was on big life tilt yesterday after busting outa everything. I then get my mum saying 'did you win' 'oooo, your not very good are you'
At this point i wanted 2 smash my head as hard as i could against the nearest wall.
Jones took down the Party $25r yest, shib it holllllla, so some good news outa yesterday. And hope he shibs it tonight which will = DTD£300er for me and Horneris hopefully. 1 timeeeeeeeeeeee.
Middy aka hitthehole aka hatthefkinhole aka Tom Middleton took down the FTP 1k for a cooooooooooool 97 diiiiiiiiiiiiimes on Mon night, such a sick score. VWP m8.
New flat only 2 weeks or so away, cant wait to get moved back. Hopefully i still have some $$ and i dont have to get a loljob.

Will update soooooon, gl all. gogogogogoo.

Monday, 7 July 2008

Live Poker is NOT what its about..

So got the train down to Nottingham to meet LeKnave at the hotel. Went fine, thought i was guna miss my change over train at Lincoln but all went well. We actually both arrived at hotel within like 5 mins, so that was ok. Got to the room, and basically laid there for over an hour doing abs nothing. This was fun. lol. Then decided to get ready and went down to the bar for some food and drink. Saw Rookie in the reception area, and he sumhow got a taxi b4 us, even though we booked it wel before him, fk our lives.
So then to DTD, went to Reg and stuff, and i saw Thomas Middleton reg'd for it. I was like, comedyy,hatthefkinhooooole is here. lol. Then we went and sat with all the Blondites, Kev, Kin etc who were doin updates. And there we see Middy over playing omaha 1/2 cash, loololl. Hes lost like 3 BI's already so on ridic tilt before the torn has even started. Comedy. Torn kicked off, and i didnt really have anyone noteable on my table, just a few douches that played every single hand, and especially 1 douche that played around 80% of hands, but had like 25k+ really early. I was eyeing them up, and ready to get in huge pot with him to take his chips. This didnt happen, as i got moved tables!! Im like ffffffffs, so fuming. On first table, QQ was my only hand and won about 500. Other noteable hands were A3, on A 3 5 board, the guy had A5, so i did well to only lose a small amount. I guess i cudve lost a lot more. Maybe i should be losing a lot more there, not really sure. Then had AJ on J high board, the guy valuetowned me a bit, but not too much. There was no raise pre so i couldn't really put the guy on QQ. Only lost around 1kish anyways. I got moved 2 to the right of Fran, and 2 and 3 to left of Matt Tyler and Des Jonas. I go abs carddead for around 2 levels! Thats like an hour and half, and cant even finds any spots at all.

So im down to like 5k from original 10k starting stack. Which is still ok, as blinds were only 100/200 and jsut need a few spots and im back to average or w/e. Anyways, i get like 6-7 limpers around to me in the SB and i find 10s, im like sennnnnd. So i just shove for 4900. Everyone folds around to the guy that has limped for 200 of his 3700 stack. He calls all in for the rest of his chips with A8s, wp sir. A straight out and i dont re-get there. Des Jonas also claims he wouldve called me with Q10, which also got there....his reasoning' u havent played any hands'. O rly, well, well done for wanting to call me with Q10 high then all in for 25% of ur stack. U MUST have me beat. I mean like WTF reasoning is that and how an earth does it make sense. That tilted me pretty hard. So anyways i was down to 1200 at this point, and it folded round to me in the cut-off, obv im shoving any 2 cards while i still have some Fold eq. I have 45d anyways, pretty happy if called or not tbh. Anyways, everyone folds. Next hand i do it again this time with 67o, and get it through. Im upto around 1900 now, send. Fold a few hands and im UTG+1 and i hav A4o, obv i get it in and called by Des Jonas on the Button. He has the monster K10, wp sir. I hold and now back upto 3850ish. Utg next hand and get AJo at 150/300, gota get it in here imo so i do. UTG+1 thinks for a while then folds, then Fran insta moves in over the top, im like thats just great. Everyone else folds, she only has 7s though and im happy for a flip to get back to 8400ish. Flop comes J 8 X, pretty happy. Turn 10, still ok. River 9, FK MY LIFE. lol. She was apologising and stuff, but she had best hand, GG Fran. Was just brudel the way it came but nvm. Went straight to the bar to start necking pints. Shibb it.

So i was left to rail everyone else. At 300/600 Jones (LeKnave) got it in for 80kish pot with AK vs KK, Flop X X X, Turn A, sennnnnnd. River..........K. So fkin brudel. Why did it have to let him get there at all for it to do that. Pretty sick stuff. Fran ended up coming 10th/11th i think. And middy came 4th, wp mate. Shame you didnt run good at end, but shibb it anyways.

Overall it was a good weekend and i kinda enjoyed it. But Live Poker is so terrible and as ive said b4 i used to really enjoy it, but now i just despise it and hate all the douches and their reasonings for anything, tilts me so fkin hard. Glad i had my Ipod with me anyways. Was pretty happy when moved to Frans table as could talk to someone that wasnt an abs douche.

Anyways, so it'l be back to the online grind. Cant really get motivated for it though, was going to play Sun night and today, but i really cant be botherd. Not really sure why. But hopefully il kick back into the swing of it 2mo.

Wil update in the next couple of days, gg, gl all.

Friday, 4 July 2008


Been putting in some pretty big sessions since being in Grimsby. Im not running too good though. Keep running into monsters or just generally running bad when it really matters. Varince sucks! Yesterday i made 3 FT's, i made no $$ though. I played a sesh from 2-6ish then again 7-12. Finalled the 4k on Party, came 4th. Finalled of the $27.50 Double Stack on Ipoker, 4th again AJ vs 10s for CL and twice 2nd. fk my life. Then 10th in $22 5k on Ipoker. Interesting hand that busted me:

I have 39k in BB
Mid pos limps for 4k off his 38k stack.
SB completes, has 60kish total.
I have A9, and theres 12k out there, and i hav 35k after this hand. I shove obv. Limpers fold. Back to SB, he calls! im like wtf. He flips A4s. Flop 9 6 2 (2 spades) i gave up after this Spade straight out on turn. Was pretty annoyed as it was like 1.4k ftw and i had been 1/60, 1/40,1/25 all the way thru the torn, then on final i was 3/10. But nvm thats how it goes and i no il run good in them spots again soon.

On better news, abs sennnnnnnnd it to LeKnave, he won the $50r on Ipoker last nite for just short of $13k. Crucial result, wp. As a result of that score and me winning him $3.5k fr the MSOP thing, he has decided to put me into the DTD £300er! sennnnnd.
We were talking about it earlier and Rick(theclaimer) was trying to get me to go anyways. Obv i dnt hav the roll for the whole buyin but they were talking of staking. But nothing materialised and we left it at that. Then when he took it down, he was like u up for it? i was like course i am. lol. So ty LeKnave, lets fkin gogoogoogogo.
So will be getting the train down to Notts on Sat sometime, still need to book a ticket and stuff for it. But looking forward to it, should be good and hopefully run good 1 timeeeeeeee. If not, il just get smashed at the bar with with everyone. Should be a quality weekend.

So i probs wont be playing much tonight, and wont be back from Notts til Sunday sometime.
Gl all, let me run good at DTD 1 timeeeeeeeee.


Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Moved out + 1st 6 months of 08

So.....finally moved out of our tez flat in Headingley. Didnt really do much cleaning of the place til Sunday when we actually moved out. Did a good job of it though i think. Was suppossed to be doing a load on Sat night, but me and Jones decided to play a load of loldonkaments instead. I did pretty terrible in them all, but Jones took down the 7.5k $55 for like $2k or something which was ok. I 3 tabled cash whilst playing my donks, only 50c/$1 for like 2 hours, but made around $550. Shib it. So had a niceish day. Didnt play Sun night, as was pretty tired from all the moving, just caught up with the parents and stuff really.
Yesterday i played like 2-5 reg'ing, then played again like 10-12. Had tea inbetween and watched the tennis. What a match, that was fkin incredible. Really hope he beats Nadal, will be incred if so. But i dnt think hes got what it takes really.
I did pretty terrible all yest, but then ended up taking down a donkament. Only for lke $350 though, it was only the $6 1k on Ipoker. But made me hav a break even day so thats all good + its another win for the MTT Challenge.

Juneeeeeeee was a sick month really. Winning 6 MTTs is pretty decent whatever the stakes. Lets hope i can continue it, but its July now and im DEFO gna run bad! oh noeeeees:-(
Going to play same schedule as yesterday, again today. Just started all the 2 o clock starts. lets gogogogo.

Thought i should post my Profit/Loss for 6 months of online so here goes:

Jan-June: £5992.52

That isnt too bad imo, as ive been pretty busto for the most part of this year. But its mainly down to that 3rd place in the MSOP for $7k (split with LeKnave) giving me the shot to win some monies in June and onwards. For June i was + £1615.46. Feb, March and April were all pretty terrible months and i hardly played at all as i was busto. But i was still in profit, only small amounts like £200. 1 Month i was down like £
Hoping to keep it going though, and keep playing the donkaments that are winnable and grind wins.
Going to see how this week goes playing online, and towards the end of the week, as im in Grimsby and parents are going on at me. I might get a shitty job doing sumat for 3-4 weeks until i move back to Leeds. The $$ would help and would pay for some ballin shit when we move in and a few bills and first months rent etc. So will have to see how i go.

Not going to set any goals or anything like that for the last 6 months of this year. I just wna shib it crucially...1timeeeeeeeeeee.

lets gogogogogo, gl all.