Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Sooo lazy in feb/The March grind imo.

Im basically mirroring what LeKnave said in his blog. I won a decent amount playing in Jan and wanted that to continue. But then came February, i had no urge or desire to play properly and solidly like i/we did in Jan. In Jan, i would spend most of my hours playing online and shibbing the monies. Maybe cos i had a goodish month i didnt feel the need. But i did need to. So in Feb as i hardly ever played im up no more than £1! Around 20p to be precise. shib it. Id be lying saying i didnt play at all, but when i did i didnt play properly. The two times i tried to put in any sort of session, and i won a donkament. The $11 PLHE Rebuy on stars, only about 80 runners, but won like $800. Also the 2nd in the $44 reg on party as mentioned in another post for like $800. These wins were crucial for having a plus month.
Oh yeah, that f****** prop bet, i think this ruined my/our months for playing online too, that was just terrible. I lost around $800, but i spose it was good fun and other ppl enjoyed it. But it did no favours for my online game and desire to play.
But its a new month....
March im hoping to play solidly and amazingly like i did in Jan, play all the time and stick to Party(donks), Stars and maybe a bit of FTP. Been playing a couple of nights into March and its been going well, im back to playing good and solidly again. Have been starting to get frustrated lately, i have shots at winning things, then lose the big hand when i need to. I thought it was all guna come together last night. I ran terrible for the whole night. E.g All in Ak vs AQ, Ak vs K10, Set vs FD etc(you know the score) everytime i lost. Then the last couple of torns i was going well, the 5k Party and the 10r on party. $2.3k and $1k ftw respectively. I was in good shape to have a shot at both. But it wasnt to be, i ended up coming 7th for like $350, which helps. But still not what i wanted. I ran bad on the final, popped it up 2 hands with 22 and K10 both on Button or Cut-off, both times some1 reshoved all in. And cant call that. So i did the same back, SB min raises my BB, i shove with q10d, he makes the call for most his stack with a4! fk my life, gg. Then the $10r, well basically 14 left, i get set over setted with 99 vs jj. nvmmmm.
But the good thing is ive had shots at winning and i no the results will come, i just gota be patient.

Got a home game tonight in Colton, to finish our TPT off that we started like 2 years ago. A series of 20 games, but we never got to 20 and been stuck on 19 for ages. I should make the final, which will be arranged at a later date.

So lets dooooooooooooooooo this in March.