Saturday, 27 September 2008


Since last blog update, i put in a small sesh on Wednesday but then Middy comes online and is like i cba with online poker you wna play live. I was like, yeah ok. Although was in a few torns, id just busted kinda deep in sumat and was semi tilted so i unreg'd all the rest and decided to go play live at the new Alea Casino in Leeds. Its pretty sweet, for leeds anyway, not something ud imagine there. Ended up busting fairly early just after just after Middy with 77 vs 56h on 5 5 3 flop, where i couldn't really fold at any point. nvmmmmmm. We went and got a maccys and that was it for the night. We wern't too bothered about going back for cash games + i had to be up early on Thurs for my ballin monitor and new desk for my room to arrive. weeeee. They came around half 1, then Middy came over and we went to Nandos for food. I obv lost the fkin flip again and had to fork out a nice bully for the 3 of us. sighhhhhhhhhh. Nandos is so incred tho, id probs pay £50 for just mine anyway. Didn't bother playing when i got back and just sat watching loadsa One Tree Hill episodes for the rest of the night. Finally about caught up with that :-)

Then came Friday, id been planning to put a good sesh in on Friday night and Middy came over because he wanted out of his house due to his cousins birthday he couldn't be arsed with. Anyways, i hit Party under MiddyCrush for the first time and signed upto the $20r/$30r/$55 and the $215 $30k. Eventually after runnin fairly terribly in all the rest of my torns. Except for 1 or 2 with min cashes between $100-$250 i was probs gna be stuck $1.5k on the day or thereabouts, we were doing ok in the $215. I got seated with Middy and Horneris along the way and Me and Horneris both came top 20 meaning we both cashed. Horneris unfortunately busted in 15th. But i was running pretty decent. Winning the few 40-60s and odd 60-40 you need to win a torn. You know the score.... Anyways, i got to final 6 with over half the chips in play and eventually busted most them and got HU with around 650k to the other guys 60k ish stack. I and everyone else here couldn't see how i could lose from like 6 out. This is where i could lose it though. lose a few flips and hes back in it. Which is exactly what happened, gr8 game. He kept grinding away so hard and wasnt stacking off light. I had Horneris and LeKnave here cheering the underdog on for comedy value. But they soon stopped as i may have quit poker if i lost this 1. [ ] that would ever happened. But i felt like i would have and would have been so crushed for a while if i managed to lose it. Eventually took it down though after well over an hour of hard solid HU play. Was vvvvvv happy with the score and i think Middy's fairly happy although he didnt seem too delighted last night, but only cos he busted really deep in a big field torn when 1st was like 16k or something.
The win below, shibbbbbbbbbbbb it.

So yeah very happy with recent results and have now got 8 wins on the MTT Blonde Leaderboard thing, which i kinda wna win + am slowly making a move up the PocketFive Rankings. Hoping to keep this going now and win it alllllllllllllll. Big sesh 2mo i think as its Sunday and Sundays are made for Poker and losing everything or winning it all. 1 time let it be the latter.
Shout out to Horneris for his score last night too, taking down the FTP $109 for just shy of $5k. Not the worst day for MiddyCrush, sennnnnnnnnnnnd. Ty again sir.

Keep up the good work all.

lets gogogogogoogogogogogogogoo


Amatay said...

nice result you sik fuk

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