Wednesday, 22 October 2008

IPO 2008

Ok, its been over a week since the last update. Apologies. I was pretty annoyed after my last update, when i was 1/43 in the GUKPT sat. Ended up going onto the final 4/10, with 3 seats. Then lost in like the 3rd hand AJ vs K10. Flop came K Q 10, happy days. X on turn, but K on river wasn't the best card for my hand, sigh. So i was down to 20k at 1k/2k, still ok i guess. Then UTG shoves, Alex Martin(nickinblinds) on Ipoker calls after a speech in chat that makes me thing he has QQ. Im sat next position with KK and get it in. Flop comes A J 10, and im pretty much dead. gglife.

Since then, i haven't played THAT much tbh. Ive played the odd session here and there. But towards end of last week i was trying to get my sleeping pattern back right for the Ireland trip. I had a few finals last week, finalled the $109 Ipoker twice in 2 nights, but could only manage 6th and 8th, for some tez amount. And then a 2nd in a little $33 on party and 4th in $55 on Ipoker. There isn't any more of note or that i can remember anyway.

So to Ireland....

We wer gettin the 10.50 flight to Dublin, Sledge/Tony was meant to be here for 8.30, but didnt end up getting here til gone 9, and we had the taxi booked originally for 8.45, but put that bak 20 mins so all was good. Got there in plenty of time and we were ready to gogogogogo. We get taxi from the Airport, the taxi driver tries dropping us off at some random hotel because he doesn't know where we are off, then tells us of the exact place and that we shouln't step foot in the local bars or area as its so rough! wtf, lol. [ ] good booking jones

Arrive the hotel at like 12.30 and couldn't check in til 2 so we had dinner and drinks in the hotel bar. Brent lost the flip for paying, gg sir. We eventually arrived at the Regency Hotel, the place where it was being held at around 3. Andy Black was doing some massive talk/workshop about poker which was just so lifetilting and we didn't really listen. Met Maria, Jen etc and then were ready to roll at 4 when the torn started.(pic <<<< Brent and Jones Pre Torn). Was fairly easy early on to get chips, raise, c-bet etc and it was yours. But then 1 hand fked me over pretty hard:

Im earlyish position with 88 and pop to 300, MP next guy peels and the 2 blinds call. Flop 8 7 6( 2 diamonds).
I bet, MP calls and the 2 blinds fold.
Turn Qh, i bet he peels once again.
River 4c. So the Board is now 8 7 6 Q 4.
I decide to check here, he bets, i call. He shows 55, gglife.

And so im down to around 7.5k which is pretty ghey. Soon get a table change which i wasn't too happy about tbh. Didnt really get much going and found a few spots to pick up chips, but was still on around 8.5k at the first break.
Ended up busting at the 300/600 level with 88, also known as the nuttttttttz. LP raises to 1800, i have around 8.2k total in the CO so i jam. SB wakes up with QQ and the OR folds. It bricks out and im gone. Kinda glad to see Sledge is already out as now i won't be stuck bored on my own. Soon after Maria(chilli) busts and we go get the drinks in and talk for a while. Later on Me, Sledge and Rookie decide to go get something to eat. We walked for like a mile which is ridic and came to the takeaway place. But theres a guy pinned down with 3 ppl on top in the doorway! lol.
They say its ok to get something to eat, so we do! Found out he actually came in threatening to kill his girlfriend or something(maybe i didnt understand the Irish accent). So a nice start to our visit to Dublin!

Next Morning(saturday), wake up and find Brent and Jones are well chipped up for day 2. Jones has 187k and Brent has 141k, weeeeeeeeeee. Shib the 5%. Saturday was the day off from the ME, so we went into town for some food, and start to get bevvied up. Rookie and Chilli meet us there a bit later too. Brent did his absolute bollox in Paddy Power which was right next to the bar we were in, not good. Later on after another 5 or so beers, we decide were gna go play the 125 Euro torn at the Fitz. I have to lend Brent the Buy In for it, sighh. Things didnt go too great for me in this torn either. Ran JJ into QQ twice in the first 2 hours, and i was busto. Pretty comedy though as, Rookie, Sledge, Brent, Chilli and Jones were all on the same table and i decided to rail that. Was very comedy and even the dealer was giving Brent some rubdowns for his tez/comedy plays.
Decided to play cash later on, after inspiration from Chilli who went off 2 play Omaha, so me and Sledge got in the next 1/2e holdem game. Started with 200 and ended up with 460, which was pretty decent. Mainly all from 1 guy who tried tank check raising the river with air, so i tanked, and eventually got clock put on me. Ended up calling with Js for 125e on K 10 10 8 3 (4 spade Board). The hand didnt really make sense and he couldn't really have much and tbh i couldn't be arsed to fold.

Next day, were all up fairly early except Brent who arrives at the torn 5 mins b4 the start. He wanted an extra 10 mins in bed or summat, so we got a taxi b4 him. Had high hopes for both them at the start of Day 2. I think they both got pretty chipped up, but both busted between 40th-60th, sighhhhhh. Brent ran AKd into AA, gglife. And Jones' was a combination of hands, after he had got upto 400k. While they were in the torn me and Sledge played the 50 w/1 Sidey. Ended up getting it in with JJ vs 88 for a fairly big pot at 500/1000. 8 9 2 6 2 board wasn't too gr8 again. Sledge had just busted b4 me, losing a big pot with JJ also, this time vs 33.
[ ] we run good.
So were all pretty annoyed and decide to go find the nearest pub for a pint. I say a pint, it ended up being about 8 in quite a small amount of time. LOL. Then went Dominoes down the road and took it back to the Hotel around 11, as we had to be up for 7 for the flight home on Mon Morn.

Brent, Sledge and Me during the few pints:

So just been recovering from the weekend really at start of this week. Not really been doing much. Got the new Pro Evo yest, pretty awesome. Hopefully off to sign up to the gym 2mo or later with Jones and Middy. I wana get fit and be more healthy, which will help with playing online and lead to an all round healthier lifestyle. [ ] this will actually happen.

Ok, off to order Nandos.

Laters, glglglgl..wil update soon.


SnipeR said...

good right up mate, sounds like u had a gud time...u on same diet as Bigmac Raymer???

sledge13 said...

Ahhh forgot about the murder scene in the takeaway...parrafin FTW!

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