Thursday, 24 July 2008

Shiiiiiiiiiib it.

Nope, still no win. But have shibbed in the monies in the past 2 days. After my blog post yesterday, i played a sesh 10-2ish and got 4th in the $16.50 360 ball on Stars for like $500, 1st like $135o, sooo sigh. But stil ok. Then came 4th also in the $55 7.5k on Ipoker. Also for like $5ooish. So cashed for over $1k on the day, and invested like $400 or over. So a good $600 profit on the day, which was nice. And could have been so much better. But il take it.

Then today, played a sesh from 2.15 til 7 reg'ing. Got 4th in the $22 Double stack for like $200, only like $700 ftw, but nvm. I crush that torn so hard, Sledge is always saying it. Only really decent if you win it though. Which iv only managed once so far a few weeks go. Had a load of top 10s in it though, sigghh. Also ended up going to final of the $22 5k Party 5/10. Got HU, me 200k vs his 550k, which was ghey but was patient and ground him out hard. Then i got CL. Me 500k to his 250k. Then he ground me back down then when around even i lost a massive flip KQ vs 88. gglife. 2nd for $815. 1st again like $1350. sighhhhhhhhh. But again cashed for over $1k on the day and things are looking good. A good past few days, lets hope it continuessss and i finally get that win again after so many nearlys.

Just a quick update, im outt. glglgl all.

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SnipeR said...

n1 rich, keep turning a profit and wait for the big wins...they'll come for sure...chip rich ftw!!