Monday, 24 December 2007

Happy Xmas

Havent posted for a long long time, mainly because i haven't really done a lot. Played a bit live here and there, but nothing major. I am wanting to start posting on here a lot more, but sometimes don't see the point in writing about random bollocks. But will try to make it more interesting in the future.
Really just posting to wish people a Happy Xmas and tell you about recent winnings etc.
Came 2nd in the £25 double chance at Moortown on Fri night for about £400, could have folded last hand, but wanted to win it outright, as there was a chip count coming up. It lost me about 175 quid tho in honesty and was a bit stupid. But £400 was a nice win.

So then to last night, i was playin torns on DTD, nothing high stakes, but made 3 or 4 final tables which was ok. Best i did was 4th, terrible IMO.
Later on in the night, i decided to play some cash on there, i saw there was this total donk who ended up stuck about 4k-5k playing 50c/$1 HU and 6 max $2/5. Anyway, im sick and wanted in, i bought in for around $240 ended up grinding this into $1.350, by the time id left which was an ok amount. Nice little win there.

Thats about all thats been happening recently,bit of a brag post i know but its gotta be done.

Happy Christmas everyone and GL in new year at the tables.

Especially LeKnave, Horneris and Sledge, one time lets gogogogogogogogogogo