Sunday, 20 July 2008


Hadn't decided whether i was gna play any Sunday donks. But got up and was raring to go. So decided i was going to play loadsa Sats to shit and hopefully qual to some biggies. 1 timmmmmmme. Cost me like £120 total and qual'd for:

  • $215 IPoker 250k via $20r 30 Seat Gtd, in for $62.
  • £110 DTD £40k via £13 sat, 4 seats.
  • $215 Party $300k $23 Sat 8 seats.

But had played a quite a few more sats. Played 2 x $39 6 max Sats to WU and Mill, got HU in both and ran like death. gg Mill/WU. Then in a $10r to WU 22 seats, i came 27th,gg. Just wasn't destined to qual for Stars biggies imo. So i ended up being in them all for like £160-£200. Not really sure but nvm.

Anyways, started well on Party building up big stack from the off. Ak vs QQ, KK vs QQ etc. Then with 129 left this hand occured.

Im Mid position with 69k and have 88. I make it 7900 at 1.5/3k.

Next guy insta flat calls me off his 75kish stack. Everyone else folds.

Flop [ Th, Ah, 8s ]

Im like this is gna be an ok pot.

ChipRich20 bets (11200)

Dardan0s raises (31155) to 31155

ChipRich20 raises (50316) to 61516ChipRich20 is all-In.

Dardan0s calls (30361)

He shows Ad10d. 1 tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime.

** Dealing Turn ** : [ Ac ] ---- R U SRS, WTF IS THT

** Dealing River ** : [ 6h ]

FKIN BULLSHIT PARTY i think, and am so fuming. Why can't i win that, i go like 5/130 in a biggie. But of course, i run like death, gfg. Cashed for $450, but wtf is that when you lose that hand.

Really fuming and pissed off now, but have gota concentrate on my other donks. Am still in the £40k and $250k. End up busting in the £40k in 97th running QQ into AA for big pot, gglife.

Still going in the Ipoker $250k though and bout 90 left, dont have many chips and am in autopush mode. Anyways, i get back upto like 12k and push mid position with AQ, get called in BB by Ad10s, im like one fucking time plz. Flop 10d Xd Xd, i completely give up and am abs crushed. He makes flush on river to make sure and im out of another biggie kinda deep to the tune of $425, fk my entire life. Am so crushed now, after crushing 3 biggies and getting it in massive fave for big/huge stacks in 2/3. But obviously i dont want a shot at winning a massive amount of monies.

Later on Middy staked me and Horneris to the FTP 1 Mill gtd, $535 Buyin. Ty Middy.

Ran bad in this too, blinds 25/50 and i hav like 5.5k, Sb like 4.4. Everyone folds round to him, he makes it 175, i make 595, he shoves. Now at this point im pretty sure he has sumat like AK, so i call obv. He flips AK. 1 time for the flip.

Flop 2 5 Q

Turn 7

River... A. Fk my life and im down to 1.3k.

Few hands later, i get it in 88 vs AK, flop T J Q, gg.

Sorry about the massive rant, im just really annoyed right now. And wish i could just run good 1 time, in them spots. FFFFFFFFFS.

Anyways im + for the day which is always good, but coulda been so much more. Duno if il play 2mo, might just play a load of small donks as im running like death again it seems.

gl ppl, run good and not like me. gogogoogogogogogogooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

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