Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Its official, im SHIT!

lol. Maybe not, but maybe i just ridiculously bad towards the end. Whenever i got in spots to take sumat down, i ran amazingly bad. I know this happened to the other 2 so i cant use that as an excuse. Anyway i played from 5am til 2am, only 21 hours, but i feel carrying on in the way i was playing, would have gone nowhere and no point playing on, just to try win the bet if ur guna lose more $$ that you could win if you did actually win the bet. Especially when i was playing that badly towards the end.
Anyway LeKnave took the bet down, wp to him. Even though i was ahead for around 10 hours of the bet, i ended up losing around $600 on the $180s and then another $200 to Dave for the bet. Was pretty gutted and annoyed but it happens.
I thought i wouldn't wna play for at least 3 days after the bet, being worn out etc. But surprsingly i played yest and decided the $12 45 seaters on Stars were my best bet. Not sure how many i played, but i ended up around $300 up last night from them, shib it. So grinding my losses back form the other night, gna play some more of them today and see how they go. lets gogogogo.
Also on spin up news, i logged onto my FTP account and found out i had $9 in there, so i went on a spin up, doubled up in cash to $17, then bought into a $11 6 max torn on there and did terrible, well, i flopped the 3rd nuts and some1 flopped quads on me, and i was out within 10 mins, i run good. So i had $6 in my account, went up the levels in cash, and ended up losing a $300+ pot with QQ vs AK and A10 in $1/$2. So fkin brudel.

Anyways, ill do another blog soon and update you on the latest. lets gooooooooooooooooooo

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Weekend update and the Challenge...

Ok, so i decided not to play the million. Cba with 8000 runners, but i did play the Warm Up, 300k and FTOPS 8. The 300k went pretty well, and i got a big stack, highest point of around 67k. Then got involved in a few hands, also lost AQ vs JJ, so went down to around 48k. Then bluffed off a bit down to 30k, and ended up shoving with A10 on Button, running in2 the BB's KK. ah well. Finished 137th for $487th. But coulda been more, nvm. The Warm Up, never really got going for me, couldn't get anything going, and ended up losing a flip for a double up with AK vs 99 and went out pretty early on. I enjoyed the FTOPS 8 event, as it was 6 Max, and was confident. Took a KO early on then lost my stack with Q8 in the SB on a Q94Q3 Board. Maybe i played it bad, i bet the flop, checked the Turn and we got it all in on the 3 River, he had 33. Not really sure about that one. Apart from those torns, nothing really happened on Sunday for me apart from odd cashes, best one just a 13th in the 5k on Party, nothing special though.

The Challenge:

From Sunday morning at 5am till Monday morning 5am, me, LeKnave and Horneris will be doing a challenge or Stars here at the flat for 24 hours str8. We will be playing all the 180 seaters on stars throughout this period, the $4s, $12s and $20s. The winner will be the one with the most TLB points after all are over. We thought this was best, as if u did most $$ someone could just stop playing after a certain amount of wins etc. Whereas TLB points mean you HAVE to keep playing to keep ahead of the game, if ur winning. We'll all be putting up around $200 and winner takes all. Hopefully we can all still make a decent profit from this, and the $200 wont matter if you lose, plus its going to be comedy. So towards the end of this week, im guna be preparing, playing the 180s a lot, seeing how they go and get used 2 playing a high volume of them. Maybe play for periods of 8 and 12 hours just playing those. Saturday going to Costco, to stock up on Red bulls, Lucozade, Cokes and food, for the ultimate sesh.
Lets gogogogogogoogogogo, and GL u 2.

Last but not least, were going down DTD again this thurs for the £55 F/o. Hopefully do something this time, and not misclick all in with 24ish left!! Hopefully quite a few Blondes down there again to catch up, and maybe SNGS or Cash game after, we'll see.

Shout out to the Andrew 'FTM' Priestley, who got a nice little cash under his belt last night. Came 3rd in a torn for around $1k. A good cash for him, he hasnt played much online in the past and has just mainly been a on/off home game player but has wanted to get involved more online and get some kinda win under his belt. It finally came, shib it to him. Wp m8.

L8ers, will update l8er in week.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Taking shots

Still not playing proper solidly, but hoping to play more in the coming weeks. Played in bits this week, and had half a result to my name coming 2nd in a $44 reg on Party for just over $800, 1st was 1.3k, but ran bad HU. Apart from that, i haven't really done much else apart from the other odd little cashes.
Played live twice this week, Tues the £25 F/o, where i bubbled the FT, coming 10th, Jones ended up taking it down anyway so its all good. Then played Fri night for the £10 D/c, where i did ok till the break, then donked off after the break for no reason at all really.
Soon as i got back on Friday though, i played $26 sng to the 300k on Party, ended up taking it down and will be playing that today. Yesterday i couldn't be bothered playing a load of torns so i just tried 2 make enuf $$ to buy into either the Stars Warm up or Million. So i stuck $100 and tried spinning that up playing Sats and $12 45 seaters. Ended up doing pretty well on the 45 seaters front, taking 2 down and cashing in some other shit. So ended up on like $400, so decided im guna play both Stars torns. and make it a big Sunday. Also bought into FTOPS 8, which is the $120 6 max KO. I wanted to play one of the FTOPS, and i feel my 6 handed game is decent and its not a massive buy in either.
Will be playing a load of other stuff on Party today too, but hopefully will run good in one of the majors.

So lets fucking do this shit, 1 time! lets goggogoogogogogogogo

Will update 2mo. l8ers.

Friday, 1 February 2008

Last few days and January round up...

Have played a bit since Friday, but haven't been playing solidly like i had been the week or so up till then. Brent came over at weekend, and we had some sessions online. Between Fri and Sat night, i cashed in some torns on Party for around $2k in total, 4 FT's, coming 7th 7th 3rd and 2nd!(still cant close one out...FFS). Sunday went pretty terribly, i was hoping to get up in time to buy into the 300k, but i didnt. Brent and Jones managed 2 get up for a massive sesh on Sunday, and brent cashed in this. Thort he was actually guna go deep in this,but some donk made an absurd call and knocked him out. Wp anyway, tid next time imo. When i did get up, i played the 18k and cashed in that for a measly amount then just missed out on the money in the $109 20k, but gota play FTW so wasnt botherd about that at all. Monday, made just the 1 FT and 12th in the 10r, but since then haven't really done anything. Got our mate Priest coming over tonight, were guna grind V. hard from around 6 onwards, so hope i wont donk off too much $$ and instead make some FT's and make some mular!
The set up we've got in the lounge is heaven now, both me and Jones(LeKnave) have another monitor to Multi table loadsa torns and can just watch a load of HSP, World Series or Las Vegas when not playing too many torns, which tends to make me play better as i dont get inpatient and try do stuff too early.

Profits/Loss for Jan:

Online: + £1747.33
Live: + £466.50
Overall: + £2214.08

Overall since starting to keep a record of Profit/loss(21st Dec 07) : +£2947.09

The profits are all mainly down to Party, which i am + $4423.72. And on all other sites, im either about even are down. So party is where im going to be mainly playing at this next month, and we'll see how things go. Might give Stars another go, playing 45 - 180 seaters at some point, but for now will be playing Party as much as possible in search of some decent cash and big wins.

This is an ok month for me, id like to think i can build on this, as all i am doing at the moment is trying to build a decent Roll. As i have no job at the moment, this needs to be taken seriously, and if i can have another month, which is as good as Jan, ill be happy. But i hope i can go a little bit further and shipp it more crucially. Gotta say WP to LeKnave, who has came on really strongly in Jan, last year he was around +8k for the year. But in Jan alone he blew that away and was around £9k up, not sure of exact figures though. Lets hope he can keep the run going.
Seems like Brent has got his game back too after spending the weekend at the flat, on the first couple of nights he was playing ridic tilted and we told him to chill and results will come. I think it helps esepcially with the 3 of there, talking about decisions and deciding whats the best play etc. Anyway by end of weekend, his results were getting better and could tell he was starting to play better, how we and he knows he can. Keep it going! He also keeps the spirits up in camp, even when he loses an abs ridic pot, he still manages to cheer. We started to do by end of the Weekend, can be very comedy at times, but when deep in a decent torn and get a ridic beat, it sometimes doesn't help!
As i seem to be doing a round up of us all, it seems like Sledge maybe moving to Spain, selling his house in Selski...i mean Selby and fucking off 2 Spain, if all goes well. Gl m8, hope everything goes well.

Lets fucking do this shit.....lets gogogoggogogogogogoogogo.