Thursday, 9 October 2008


So... my last blog was just before the Luton trip where me and Jones were off to play the £300 F/O Apat Pro Am, or w/e its called. Jones was meant to be driving, but went out the night b4 with Ben and Grieves and somehow wangled his way out of it and Maldini agreed to drive. Got there pretty fast, but set off late etc. So got there at 2.25, torn started at 2.30. Perfect timing imo. The torn went ok, nothing much to write home about though. And i busted 28th, shoving the CO with 9To, running into the sicilians AKo. He actually busted all 3 of us. He busted Jones and Maldini with AA, mbsfn. Jones finished 14th, but only top 9 ITM. 8k up top ftw + 3k GUKPT Grand Final seat, sighh. Would do a bigger report on the torn, but there wasn't really much interesting that went on. Got upto like 22k, then lost a few pots, and was in push mode, no1 ever called and i was just surviving really, rather than getting that vital double up i needed.
Did think it was very soft torn though, and will be looking to play a few more like this in future and get a decent score.

Anyways onto the online scene after we get back. Didnt play the sundays, we wernt back from Luton in time. So just watched some stuff online and went to bed pretty late. Monday, woke up early, after about 6 hours, i felt abs knackered again and decided to have a quick power nap for a few hours then wake up at midnight-ish and play all the 12-6ams. [ ] this worked out really well. I ran abs tez throughout the night and got deep and stuff and got fked over. Variance is an abs bitch.
Same again on Tues really, altho cut my losses in a stupid torn, the $55 crazy stack trubo on Party, which i got 3rd in for like $800, so was only like $700 down on the night and didnt feel too bad. I then stayed awake til like 6am, and was going to go to sleep. Then put on some cardrunners videos while i fell to sleep. I ended up watchin 4, and not getting to sleep til gone 10am, fml! They are really interesting though, and love watching them. Woke up like 6pm on Wed and Middy was here, im like wtfs going on. LOL. Anyways we get a takeout Nandos and start a sesh from 8-2.30ams. Started off as usual running really tez, but then things got better and i ended up taking down the $5rebuy on Party for $2.5k! weeeeeeee. Gets me outa the swong of the last couple of days, also got a 4th in the $55 7.5k on Ipoker for $700ish. Later on, played the 2 x $55 2.30ams on Stars and FTP. Ended up still playing them at 7am. Busto'd 48th in the Tilt 50/50 - JJ vs AK for 9/50 or thereabouts. Then with 28 left in the Stars $55, got it in with KK vs 55, to go 3/28, sighhhhhh. 5 on the turn was a gr8 game and i was crippled. Busto'd a few hands later. Would have been nice to run ok in 1 of those with 13k and 9.5k ftw in both. But nvmmmmmmm. Just gotta keep the grind going, and those scores will keep coming.

Party $5rebuy win...

Just putting a small session in tonight, as not feeling too great, feel like that cold or w/e i had last week is coming back, sighh. So just the Party Super $162 and the $109 GUKPT super sat on Ipoker.
Edit: Busto'd the Party Super $162- AhAd vs 73h all in on Kh Qh 10h flop. [ ] could be bothered to fold.
Currently 1/43 in the GUKPT sat - 3 seats, 1 mftime!!!

Probs be putting in some decent volume in the next week, as don't have much planned, except my parents coming up to see me on Saturday sometime. So will be hitting the Sundays fairly hard and all regular donks next week. Then we go to Ireland for the IPO at the end of next week which will be good.

Will update on any news, scores or how good/bad im running soon.

gogogoogoggoo and gl!!

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Amatay said...

Nice one taking down the $5r fish. Whats the crack with Ireland?