Thursday, 31 July 2008

Not much going on and the new flat, wiiiiiiiiiiiii.

Yep, title says it all. Not much going on, played a bit. Not really done anything spectacular though. Last couple of days, i havent really played as been sorting stuff for new flat and parents are away so had to look after the house and stuff. End of last week FT'd $20r on FTP, which was like 4k ftw, but finished a tez 8th for tez amount. Cant really remember much else that jumps to mind. Middy staked me to a few torns on Sunday, like the WU and Brawl. He often just says, u wna play this for me etc' so i do. Brawl i got it in with AA vs QQ to go like 13/500 or w/e. It came A J 2 K 10, so gfg FTP, ty. Warm up went tez, 10s vs QQ, then FD/SD vs top 2, i didnt get there etc. Can't really remember much else towards end of last week, had a few prospects in a load of torns, but obviously ran bad and stuff so nvm. Should have posted back then but i cudnt be bothered really. nvvvvvvvvvvvvvvm.

On better news, its like 4.30 am here and i went to bed at 2am. I slept for 2 hours! sigh. But were moving into new flat later 2dayyyyyy. Wiiiiiiiiiii, me Horneris and LeKnave, its gna be crucial. Moving in around 5ish, then off somewhere to get loadsa ballin purchases like a 42'' tv and PS3 and shit. Should be good. Then Saturday, were all making the trip to DTD £300 torn. Me, LeKnave and Horneris are meeting Middy (hitthehole) and Brunny(claretcougar) down there and have 2 rooms booked, 4 bed, 5 of us. So sick. So were gna do Credit Card Roulette for who has 2 sleep on the floor., Brudel scenes 1 time not meeeeeee. I run so bad at that kinda shit tho, its 80% gna be me. Taking laptops down, so when i bust we'l prob bomb back to the hotel and hit online donkaments Shaun Fucking Deeb styyyyyle. Hopefully wont have to, and make day 2, then go on to win the fker, 1 time. If not, we'll be back at home grinding away from Monday onwasrds imo (if we have sorted internet by then).

Will update after the wknd, when we are back online. Not sure when it'l be but pretty soon.

Lets gogogogogogogogogogogogo and gl all etc.


Amatay said...

ahahaaha nice post m8. gl at DTD and gl with the new gaff ya little fish.

Horneris said...

"Will update after the wknd, when we are back online. Not sure when it'l be but pretty soon"

[ ] It'll be pretty soon

sledge13 said...

Have enjoyed the August posts.

~ -=- ~

TheHat said...

update bitch

sledge13 said...

Are these updates a level?

sledge13 said...