Friday, 25 January 2008

Im so terrible

Ok, so firstly we go to DTD which is so sweet and looks amazing. I do pretty well for about 4-5 hours, then decide its a good idea to do a live misclick all in with 24ish left. Absolutely stupid. Kind of my fault, but kind of dealers too. It gets folded round to me at blinds 800/1600 - 200 ante, so about 4k in there and i hav 16k ish, so i move in on BB with A3o to take the pot. But 'apparently' an guy UTG has already moved all in. Ok so i should have been paying attention obviously, but the all in guy didnt move his chips in and i couldn't or didnt see his cards. Also when folded round to me the dealers says 'its on you' not whatever it is to call or that its all in to call or w/e. I made a mistake defo and my last, and ill learn but i think the dealer should have made it more aware to people at the table, even the BB didnt realise and he thought i was just taking his BB. Nevermind, it was great to finally see what DTD was like, and we'll be making it a regular trip.

On the online front i continue to make Final tables, but continue to not win. I know these spells happen, but i just want to take one down. Im still making decent $$ whilst doing this but i just wna get my first win of 08 out of the way. Wednesday night me and Leknave just kicked it, not really doing a lot, wanting to be fresh for DTD. We did play the odd torn tho, one was the Blonde Stanley league thing, which was fun...untill i 3 paid, i came 4th. Obv Dave 'LeKnave' came 2nd in that. Then later on i ended up coming 2nd in the late $10r on party for just over $600, again, couldnt take it down. My HU opponent did have a 10-1 CL though. Tonight actually made 3 final tables came 7th, 4th and 7th again.(i think) The best one has gotta be the $10r one which was absolute comedy, as even tho me, Dave and Horneris were all grinding away here at the flat, we ALL made the final. LOL. Dave was ridic CL, brent about 3rd and me in like 8th after taking a hit just b4 FT. Dave ended up busting me after i reshove his Button raise with A7d, he obv finds the AK and kncoks me out. Later he knocks Brent out with A10 vs a4, but then got lolowned HU.
WP Brent who also made 3 finals tonight and actually took 1 down,ship. So it all went pretty nice tonight. Think will be doing the same Sat night and will update probably after the wknd. Hopefully with a nice win and some decent $$ on board.
Lets gogogogogogo

GL all

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Close, but no cigar....

Just been playing online for the last 4-5 days, haven't really done much though. Ive been close to some big scores in quite a few torns, but then run bad and end up coming between 10th-27th for the decent cashes. Made a few final tables in last few days, only for minor amounts like $180 and $344 etc... which only just makes me break even, or maybe just + for the day. Been doing pretty well on party this month and am about +$2k on there which is ok. Then on all other sites im either down a little or just winning.

Since starting to keep a note of my poker results, which was just before xmas, around 21st Dec i think, im up just over £2k, and in January im up just over £1300. I hope i can start to run good in the later stages of the torn and take down some torns and get a decent cash which would do my roll no harm at all.
Shout out for LeKnave, who has been running pretty hot in the last couple of days, taking down the 20k on Party for just under 6k and day before he won around 3k. Very nice. Im happy for him and everything, i just wish i could run good towards end of tournaments and get a decent score, hopefully it will come.

Looking forward to going to DTD on Thurs for first time which should be good. Going down with the team of wankers, Sledge, Horneris, LeKnave and JP. Think Oli is driving down too and meeting some more down there, should be good.
Probs have a day off from Poker 2mo, think me and LeKnave may go play some 9 ball at the pool hall and chill. Then Thurs is obv DTD...1 time.

Will prob do another post towards end of week, after DTD and hopefully some nice wins.

Gl all

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Party 5k

Slight brag, kinda gutted!

Whilst writing my other post today, i was still in a few torns. Anyway knocked out of one in like 40th outa 1600 runners on stars, not too bad. Wasnt much $$ tho. Then i was still in the party 5k doing well. Anyway, the numbers kept decreasing and my stack increasing, eventually made the FT, me with 220k, next person behind me with bout 110. I knew i had a shot to do well and was confident and playing well. Eventually i knocked a few out and a few other dropped and we were HU, i had 500k, he had about 260ish. I got him down to 200k, then on a board of A4423, i have 45, he bets i r/r he moves in and now im committed to calling after basically putting him all in anyway. Not that i would ever wna fold here. Anyway he has 22 for the FH, so sick. Then we i still have him outchipped by about 70k, we get it all in again, he has 10s and i hav AQ, his 10s hold up and im down to 70k. Next hand my KQ and his A10, no help and im out in 2nd. Pretty annoyed at the moment but what else can i do.

Until next time.....wiggy wiggy wiggy, dya dya dya!(for Sledge)

Last week or so...

Just wrote a whole blog, but stupid thing refused 2 save so cant be botherd 2 write it all again.
Basically, i lost a bit playing live Fri nite, torn then cash. Flopped top 2 in cash vs Bottom set and no chance of getting away as i wasnt deep enough obv. Have now got back into the swing of things online, although i still love live poker and wana keep playing regularly live as i feel i can make some decent $$ there.

I lost a bit on FTP, but won some back on BSQ so its all good. Now got most of my roll on Stars and a bit on Party. Earlier on i satellited into the 300K and will be playing it this Sunday...1 time. Also after taking down that Sat i was on confident mood, and decided to try qualify for the nightly 100k, i ran good again and took down another seat, this time ive took the T$ as im pretty tired and if i am gna play this one night, i wna be feeling fresh.
I'll be playing mainly online for next week or so and maybe the odd casino visit on nights for the local donkaments. I'll be mainly playing on Stars and Party for the forseeable future then and playing Sngs/mtts/Sats to try grind out a decent roll. Hopefully can qualify for the million aswell this Sunday and play both Party and Stars biggies.

Also looking forward to our first visit to DTD on the 24th, should be a good laugh and cant wait to see what its like down there and play in the tournaments and cash games there.

Sorry about short post. But comp played up!

Lets gogoogogogogo, gl all.

Thursday, 10 January 2008

More success,live

Went down for just the £10 F/o on Mon night, down at Moortown. Had to deal yet again, and played like a bit of a douche early on but got a load of chips by the break, 24k at break, start with 10k. A lot of them down there are absolute donks and like to give their chips away. Which is gr8. Anyway, grinded it out then got in a biggish pot when the button open pushed for like 8k at blinds 400/800. Sb a local regular, i no pretty well how they play thought about the call for around 5 mins, then made the call. I then look down at 10s on the BB, know im ahead and thought id gamble and reshove all in. The sb had 15k back, she said, i cant really fold for that pot and calls. Button has 66, sb has AQ. Flop comes 345, not the greatest, then turn brings 10,good card, River A. I win the huge pot. Anyway eventually make the FT, with Brent bubbling the FT so sick. Well, not really cos we probably cudn't give a shit about this torn but hey. Anyway, ended up taking it down, mainly down to popping it up nearly every hand 3-5 handed and all the rest of players were V.tight. Only £195 ftw, but it all counts.
Decided to wack a bit of mular around a few sites yesterday,FTP and BSQ. Going to get some on party soon too. probably later today. I ran like death in my first online day/session in a while but just gotta keep playing well and hopefully results will come my way. Kept getting them all in basically dead, and them sucking out on river etc but it happens.

Going down to Moortown £25 D/C with LeKnave and Horneris 2mo night, then play some cash after probably, hopefully another profitable day on the live front. We'll see.

Im out, gl etc gogogo

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Last couple or days...

After taking down Wednesdays £10 D/c i was up for some more live poker. Decided to play the £25 d/c at Moortown. 10k x 2 if you wna rebuy for another £25. I met LeKnave and Gibbo there. Gibbo had an unfortunate incident over new year, ripping his tendon in his arm after punching a window! dont ask why, but he was unlucky enough to draw the dealer seat. So, to keep the table going well, i dealt. Hadnt mind dealing of late but today i regretted it bigtime and won't be dealing for a long while. It effects my game too much and i dont think about decisions, and just donk off my chips.
Ok, after topping up after first break i was ok around 40k, pretty decent amount and was expecting to do well. Then just after the break, a guy pops it up to 1800 UTG,blinds 300/600. I flat call it here on the button with JJ. I hated this play for how the hand played out, but theres a case for r/r pre or flat calling IMO. Anyway, flop comes 9 8 2 rainbow. He bets 1800, i make it 5200, and he re ships all in for another 10kish on top of that. Normally i would think about this decision more, knowing that the only hand i really honestly beat is 10 10. Anyway i make the call and he flips top set for trips 9s. Horrible horrible call IMO. In the end, i later donk a few more chips off with AQ then calling an all in after raising pre with 88, again, i wouldn't do this had i not dealt and my mind wasnt straight after the JJ hand. Ended up busting in around 20th, which i was V. annoyed with to say i had 40k at the break.
I then get involved in the cash game £1/£1 blinds, and buy in for £75. I get a few nice hands and end up finishing the night on £294. This obviously made me feel better about my terrible tournament play, but i still know how bad i was during that torn.
Then to today, i decided i was guna go to the £5r at Gala,Leeds. Gave them quick ring to make sure it was on, and they told me it was a £50f/o, 15k stack starting at 3pm. Im like heaven, iv gota play that. Blinds started at 100/200, for 1 hour, then every half hour for 3 levels then 20 mins thereafter. Was on around 32k after first 3 levels 2 hours or so in. Main hand was AK vs AQ(UTG limper),he made a speech which made me wary, but i made the call and was happy to see AQ. So that took me to around 1 of the CL's at break. Then got in a hand when i was in cutoff with AJc, i made it 1500 at blinds 300/600, sb and bb call. Flop comes A K J, he bets 3k, i make it 10.5, he calls. Turn he bets 3k again, im like WTF? but i move him in for his last 10kish, and he calls, he has AQ and the river bricks, for a just short of a double up for me. Anyway, take a few pots,and the FT arrived, im on around 65kish and about 3rd-4th in chips. Cl has arond 130k after he got in a big pot with another of the Cl's. A lot of ppl donk out of the FT pretty quick, a guy i no Justin getting pretty unlucky, but it happens. Anyway were down to 3 and im the shorty, i make a few moves and im about level with 2nd. But it all goes wrong, as i cant hit a flop and i come 3rd for £264. £610 for first woulda been nice, but i was never in a position to win it, so ill take that.
Not a bad couple of days, going to keep grinding it out at casino quite a few nights, hopefully can keep the run going. Its gota end soon though. Prob go £10 F/o 2mo night,mainly for the cash game after. Then go to the odd few throughout the week. probably Moortown £25 F/o Tues night, then either £25 d/c at gala on wed or £10 d/c Moortown, see how i feel on the day. Then prob wont play Thurs, and then probably play the £25 d/c at Moortown again on Fri night.

Quick word for LeKnave, keep running good etc taking down the torns online. Sledge grow some balls and get back playing and brent......degen FUCK!lol.

Keep the run going, 1 time. Gl all

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Review of 2007 and Aims for 2008

Like Horneris,im not guna lie. I haven't kept updates on my profit/loss online or live. I wish i had so that i could see how much profit i have made. Me and LeKnave were talking about it other day and we guess im up around £4k for the year. Had some ok wins including $4.5k on stars, then some other odd results. Live is where i feel ive the most of the other money though. As you know i won Blonde Bash 4 for around £1.6k which was a nice score, then play regularly down at the local casino, Moortown where ive had various 1st and 2nds which all add up. I haven't played online as much as i would like and this is what i would like to change.
In 07 i had sessions for like 2 weeks, just grinding out a roll, then taking the money but half the time, id rather not play online and go to the casino or just do nothing. I need a roll online, and stick to certain rules, then take breaks on various nights and go play live etc. I will be keeping a record of ALL poker results throughout 2008, and have already started doing this.

Had some nice results in last 10 days or so, spun £25 into about £750 on DTD playing cash, taking shots etc. Then donked off about £250 the next day, so up around £475 there. Then i played the £25 d/c at Moortown just before Xmas and ended up coming 2nd in that for around £360.
Then been busy taking down the £10 D/C at Moortown tonight for around £200 which was good. Didn't really do much all night. Thought i may bubble the FT, after running JJ into QQ, but then did nicely after that taking down a few more pots. Was hoping there would be a cash game going on tonight afterwards but it wasnt to be. Ive heard they are getting sick up there. Played the other night up there, was only £35 up. But it was a good laugh and the players were all good that night.

In 08 I aim to play live around 2-3 times a week when possible. Other nites i wna be playing online, or having nights out or days off from poker obviously. I need to get my life sorted, for example, getting a job, get some money coming in and playing and hopefully winning some decent cash at poker on the side.

Going to keep this blog more updated this year, as i definately haven't this past year.

Got a few aims for 08.
Id like to say an amount id like to win, but i dont think that would be the best idea for me, as id always be trying to make it and would effect my game.

I would like to if possible play a big live torn. E.g GUKPT, not sure if that will happen, but can hope and try qualify online. Many other bigs torns possible via sat too.

I want to go on a few more road trips too, playing APATS along with LeKnave and Horneris. And other various tournaments around England. Hopefully be going to the IPO in Ireland again as that was a great tournament, biggest ive played in.

Also just need to get a job!

Then just gogogogogogogogogogogogogo IMO