Tuesday, 16 September 2008

MiddyCrush Inc.

Okokok. Apologies first for no post in well over a month. Not really sure why i stopped doing them. I did loads when i was at home in Grimsby, but thats cos it was such a bore there i think.
Here theres Horneris and Jones, and here all i do is grind really. Just get up and hit the grind straight away. Then have no time for writing a blog, but im gna make time for a blog from now on. Its only fair.

Sooooooo, whats been going on. Ive been grinding hard and like Horneris been getting staked by Middy. I ran pretty bad off my own $$ hitting the Ipoker and Party and was at the stage i couldn't handle the variance playing off my own $$ cos i could easily go broke. So Middy was up for it.
It started off ok, then we went on a really bad spell. Really bad. Started off with Middy just shibbin me the odd BI for certain torns. Then we were like 2.5k in from nowhere. And obviously he wants to get out. So he shibbed me like 2.5k to grind. Play $26s, $20rs and $55s and $75s. I did this and we ran tez yet again. So -6k in MU and its not looking gr8 and middy is probs starting to lose confidence in me. He shibs me 3k one Sunday and says win summat plz, 1 mftime. I play from 9 onwards on the Sunday and finallllllllllllllly, we get a 7.9k score in the $50 cubed on Stars coming 2nd. Lost to JCamby HU. sighhhhhhhh. But fkin senddd. were outa Makeup.
So we keep 5k on and i hit it hard, i have eventually got some scores. Ones of note 4k in $30r on Ipoker coming 2nd yet again. Few FT's of the $109 12.5k on there, a few FT's on for 1k+.

Last night i play from 7 til 11 reg's and am abs fuming after get huge stack in Blonde 12.5k $109, then losing KK vs AK on the FT for huge pot, then AK into AA. So i decide to knuckle down and hit another sesh from 2.30 onwards. reg'ing from 2.30 - 4. About 12 more torns.
The 50/50 on FTP and the 4am $109 on Stars are looking good. I run bad when 18/60ish in the Stars $109 running AK into AA yet again and am abs raging. Got jsut the 50/50 left and QQ<<<<<<>>>99 helped. And button jammin K9, me in BB with A10c was also gooood. FT was 1/9 , took a few hit, then got back and finally HU i flop a set of 22 vs hit top pair.

Moody did a youtube video of some of the HU too, link is here:

But neway took it down for 9.5k, wiiiiiiiiiii. Yeah i no, sing when ur winning blah blah blah. But srsly gna try blog more often and post hands and how iv done over recent days etc. Plus i promise sledege with 6-7 left that if i won id do blog 2day, so here it is. Also promised Moody id buy him a nandos if we go next time, sighhhhhhh. But worth it imo. Good karma yo.

Big Ty for Middy for sticking with it all way through, even when deep in MU. Knew we'd get out. We've bagged a few dime each and are now ready to carry on crushing for the next few weeks with like $10k. Lets gogogogoogogogogogogogoo

[ ] ty for all your support of late Horneris
[ ] been a gr8 help
[X] he feels like we are enemies

Looking forward to Blonde Bash this wknd, going down with LeKnave and Ty(maldini). Meeting Fran down there and that, should be a good laugh and hopefully be back in good shape to hit the sundays.

Lets gogogoogogogogoogogogogoogogogogoo


Horneris said...

[X] Pleasure
[ ] I feel like we are enemies
[X] I feel like we are rivals

Chip_Rich_the_grinder said...
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Chip_Rich_the_grinder said...

[ ] ty sir
[ ] we are rivals