Thursday, 2 October 2008

Been ill....

Not much to say really, except what the title says. Put in a session on Monday after all the dreadful Sundays. Sunday could have been pretty huge, but ran bad in amazing spots and stuff like that, dont need to bore you with all that. Rookie off Blonde ended up taking down the Brawl for a cool $73k, hes staked. but still a sweet ass score. Hopefully, i can run like that for MiddyCrush in the near future! Monday, i must have cashed for over $1.7k and was still around $600 down on the day. Most notable score being 3rd in the $25r 6 max on Ipoker for $1.3k. Actually busto'd LeKnave in 4th in that , him jamming over my KK open with AJh. Flop K Q X(2 hearts), he didn't get there. In your eye sir, lol.

Ever since Mondays session, ive been feeling like death and have been in bed since, constant headache, being sick etc. Was not good, so i haven't done anything pokerwise in 3 days. Today feeling a bit better, but haven't played. I think its probs best not to play online when your not feeling anywhere near 100%. Might play a few torns 2mo night, but im not gna put in a huge session, don't wana be up too late as were off down to Luton on Sat morning.

We'd arranged to go DTD £300 this weekend, but we (me and Jones) think theres prob more value in going to the Luton APAT £300 + theres quite a few ppl we'll know down there. So should be a good weekend, and hope to scoop the l00t for like 10 diiiimes or w/e 1st will scoop.
Playing for MiddyCrush so hope to get another big score.

Will update in a few days after the Luton Trip.

Gogogogogoo win it all ppl.


Amatay said...

Another mission down to Luton is it? Do you fish play quite alot live then?

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