Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Crushing it like we know how.

.....On Ipoker anyway.

Well put in a brudel session yesterday, started at like 2 and reg'd for most stuff til like 7. Then continued to play on thru the 10-12 reging. Including the 35k and 65k that Middy put me and Horneris into. More on that later. Finally finished my sesh at like 4.30. So 14 hours was actually an ok sesh.

Yesterday i placed 7th, 7th, 11th, 12, 18th and 21st in torns in Ipoker. The most crushing exit was in the $25r 10k. With 7 left i got it in with QQ vs A5, Bing A str8 off and i was out in 7th for like $500. But 1st was like $4k, and was pretty crushed and really wanted to win that torn. So fkin sick. 1st time i had played this though. LeKnave always plays this and seems to crush it, and from living with him for last year or so, i have learnt from his i guess about how terrible the Ipoker players are. So i took a small shot in this and gt in for $100, which is ok. The other ones were in the 6ks and 3.5ks on there, like $22-$33 F/os etc and i bubbled the $55 7.5k. Horneris finalled this along with JimmyfkinEck, Eck off blonde. wp. So this is just a post to say i crushed Ipoker yest, but made fkall money, but was + for the day. Not much, but i really want that win again to get back to winning ways and that winning feeling.

Later on Middy put me and Horner in the 35 and 65ks. We put up a good performace and i was crushing both torns, getting massive stacks in both. I then fked up bigtime in the 35k making a play with J10 on QQ2 flop. He r/r me on flop, i flatted to shove turn ( Middys advice too, although i felt it too, bit gheyyyyy) Turn K, good card for shovin anyways imho. I shove he snaps with Q6o, gg life and i dont get there. Nvmmmmmmmmmmm. Then the 65k, i came just off the $$ in like 68th. Check raising all in on 8 8 K flop with 99, he snaps KJ gfg imo. Nvmmmmm. I didnt actually mean to check the flop, i timed out and it auto checked me, then the other guy bet, and i think i just have to shove here most the time.
Nothing really else happened yesterday to write about i dont think. just gheyyyyy that i keep crushing it and dnt get what i deserve. Same goes for Horneris, weve crushed in last few days, but no big wins. He got 2nd in the 2.5k on Party for $600, but its the wins we want. Thats why we play this game.

Other news, finally got new IPhone other day, its abs ballin.

Still looking forward to moving to new flat, just over a week now. Hopefully 1st Aug is still moving in day, then the trip down to Notts on 2nd/3rd for DTD £300er. Should be a great weekend and hopefully one of us lot can shib the monies in 1 timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Putting in a session tonight, probs from like 10 onwards. So lets dooooooo this.

Lets gogogogogogogo, gl all, update soooooooooooooooooon.

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