Friday, 11 May 2007


Havent really played many multis to be honest since last post, played like 5-6, poor effort i know. Went out tonight though or i would have played a few more.

Did play two when i got in though.(not drunk though) An mtt on blonde, and $11 15k on Stars. Thankfully i cashed in both, only for ridiculously low amount, which is disappointing but just gotta keep at it and hope for a break, reuslting in a big win sooner or later.

Came around 160th in the 15k out of 2000 runners, so cant be too unhappy with that. Just annoyed at sitting there for 4 hours when i could be getting some much needed sleep(b4 stoke) for a $5 profit but hey, AA doesnt always help getting a bad beat in there)

Then came 8th in blonde torn, only around 60 runners, but was happy to FT and took a shot at top 3 when on bubble with KK, his Q7 beat me though, STANDARD! got like $25 for that or something.

Its not really about the money though....well it is(if you win good amounts), but im more happy with the way i played and didnt do ridiculous things like i normally do. Played 2,cashed in 2. 2day. Maybe my games coming back, or maybe i just got lucky, only time will tell...

Anyways, looking forward to our trip down to Stoke 2moro, should be good. Team event £30 entry, going down with LeKnave, Horneris and JP(james). Then meeting Kinboshi, Sledge Sniper etc down there so should be a good laugh. My first live event since BB4, hopefully the result will just be as good!

Ship itttttt

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Not feeling too great

Well.........ive only played like 60 sngs since my last post, havent been feeling too good since i put what i plan to do, probably the reason i havent done too well, and am around $15 down from them(still recovering from the first sesh i had, i ran so bad) Felt the worst today and am not in the mood for grinding out any sngs at all, too much effort involved.


I might play some mtts later though, if i play some and lose some of the roll, i will drop down to the $3 sngs until im back upto the original BR, and depending on how they are going, may stick at them...depending on how depressing they are, and how im running

Hopefully be reporting back with a mtt cash, but i doubt it.


Tuesday, 8 May 2007

The Plan!

My aim over the next couple of weeks or so, is to grind the $6+50 sngs on stars. My Bankroll will start at $200, and aim to keep at this and build a real Bankroll for myself.

Ive been encouraged and inspired by the LeKnave vs Horneris sng challenge although LeKnave may aswel pay up now to be honest. I will probably grind out around 4-8 at a time, depending on how im feeling etc.

Im just going to see how the first couple of days/weeks go, then set myself a target so i can give myself a goal to aim for after ive seen my Roi and profits etc (if there is any) lol.
These are probably guna be no fun at all, but i feel ive got to do it to build an online roll. I may play the odd mtt here and there, but ill be mainly sticking to the sngs for a while now.

Ill keep an update on here at the end of each day, then a round up at the end of each week/month

The blog last

Ive been playing poker for over 2 years now, ever since the first time i sat down and started playing i just wanted to play. It intrigued me at the time and ever since, ive loved it more and more.

The guys.... Horneris and LeKnave, started playing regularly at school and shipping the monies in everyday and then they started to play online, so i did too just for fun, i started off well, playing the sngs on Pacific poker and enjoyed playin the odd game, and thought there could be some $$ to make from doing this. I withdrew some and enjoyed the fact i was making money from doing something i enjoy...i then moved onto Pokerstars, after a recommendation from Leknave i think. Something, i thank him for but also could kill him for, reason being, when i play on stars i just dont seem to play properly, theres something about it, i just dont see it as real money and do ridiculous things. But i am glad he recommended it as i shipped it in a while back, more below...

This is the aim of this blog anyway, to make me play better and foucs on what i want to do and help me with my BR management.

Anyway back to where it all started off......... After we all got a bit more experienced we shipped it down to Gala casino most sundays to the £5 rebuy, we all played very tight at first as this was our first experience of Live Poker at the casino anyway, often one of us would make the Final table and the other 2 would be loving it...even though bored and tired and want to go home, but happy for the guy at the Final. Soon...we realised that it wasnt really playing poker at the rebuys, it just became a crapshoot and wanted to play some more heavenly structures and play proper real poker, instead of shipping it in or just folding.

We then heard about Grosvenor Moortown Casino, they did the odd £3 rebuy which was a laugh and didnt dent our Br's too much. The best tournies were the £10 second chance though, start with 5k and another 5k to add on. Blind structures were heaven and we really enjoy it there. All of us often make the Final tables and if not we often play cash games after and ship it in. This is where we have been going ever since until recently. Lately weve been venturing down to Stoke once a month or so, then just last week we went down to Luton as part of the blondepoker for the BB4.

Blonde Bash 4 Winner.....ChipRich

How the hell did i do it, at one point i was down to 5k, blinds 1k/2k, next minute i was sat there doing an interview for sky sports and stood there with Tikay and the trophy.
The $ was a bonus too, 180 runners, only £30 entry, i took home £1.6k and the trophy..very nice win, and nicely timed as i was running out of mular at the time. This was a fantastic tournament and loved every minute of it...except for the fact i was still feeling shit from the night b4...big piss up in Luton, great night though.

This was basically my 2nd ever biggest outright cash playing poker, other win was the 15k on stars, giving me $4.2k, which was heaven at the time, but since, iv just been donating it back to the rest of the stars players around the world.

Im hoping this blog will stop all that and i want to concentrate on building a BR and making me a better player. I will keep you updated on all poker, live and online so that i keep a check on how im doing and to let you know too. This is also to keep a check on my life so i can look back at this and remember heavenly things from the past

Wish me Luck, and ill let you no regularly how its going